I love trains.

Maybe it is because I grew up in front of a train station. Maybe it is the promise of new adventures in charted territory. Or maybe it is some nostalgic memories of the very first steam trains.
Anyway, I love trains.

We were discussing in one of our hangouts a fun little side project of sharing our train experience around the Xmas tree (we have had a running LEGO train under our Xmas tree for a few years now) when our good friends over at LEGO must have had a similar idea and kicked off a little rebrick context.

Build your own train for the winter village, submit it to Rebrick before the end of this month, and win some fantastic prices

I could not resist and make my own LEGO Train based on the Ninjago City. Why be static, when the fantastic Ninjago City can be traveling around my Xmas tree these winter holidays.

Here is my submission.

My little train …

A train with a story …

Our “crab” train is running on a “crab” engine and the chief machinist needs to keep the engine happy with crabs. His hammer helps him to deblock any crayfish party happening inside. Not sure if our chief is Swedish.


A train with a sushi chef on the second floor of the third wagon, who likes his Corn Flakes more than anything else. Could it be because he does not like the Crab Chief?
A jacuzzi is just not of these days anymore. The traveling pond holds not only young romantic lovers but also green water lilies … a developing story for sure.
Where is my tea? The confluence of movies …
2001 Space Oddesy. Did anyone say, Goldfinger?

And there is more.
Much more, but the rest of the story I will keep for under the Xmas tree.
For now, the key question is: will you join the ultimate train challenge of Rebrick or just build one for your Xmas tree.

I decided to do both.


Post Scriptum.

And yes, the train is electrified and has a build in motor so it will run under the Xmas tree all by itself. 

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5 years ago

Oooh, what a wonderful insight into your Christmas tree room this is. As is supposed before: You may not be bricking too often, but when you do fantastic ideas are becoming real. I hear that train a’coming….choochoo!
(And totally makes me wonder: How could I ever mistake the SpaceOdyssey for LolaRennt?!?)

5 years ago

I wish I had such a cool train but I need to focus on rebuilding my LEGO buildings and houses to set up a city layout.

Also it’s nice nice to see that Anton joined the party. Maybe someday Anton will become the new Waldo? :’D

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