The Returner

Number One.

This was my fourth time going on a SiP Toy Safari.
The first time was in Vaxholm, Sweden.
I was so nervous meeting other toy photographers in real life, some whom I followed for a while on Instagram.
But I was thinking: this could be fun!

I had no idea what I got myself into and now I have been on number four.

First toy safari (Vaxholm)
First toy safari (Vaxholm)

The People.

I have to say that the biggest thing with going on a toy safari is the people you meet.

Me listening to @reiterlied on the London Underground. Toy Safari Three. Thanks Lizzi for having us.

You talk.
You take photos,
and you help each other.
You hunt for coffee together.
People share and you learn things.


Also, I must mention the camaraderie you get in the group.

Going on a adventure
Going on an adventure
And here is a behind the screen by one of those wonderful folks I met during toy safaris. Credit @StacyP. If you want to see more of these fun behind the scenes, come and visit us at Bricklive later this month.

I have learned things I would never think of.
I have met people from different countries and different walks of life.
And I have seen places you people would not… (I agree, that was from Bladerunner ;)
For sure I have seen places I would never have seen otherwise.

Atop of Arthur's Seat
Atop of Arthur’s Seat

What I bring back with me after a toy safari is a renewed energy and a willingness to take more images.

Toy photo in the making
Toy photo in the making

Since I don’t know any toy photographers back home toy safaris make me braver to take toy photography outside of my apartment.
So yes, I’ll keep on going to toy safaris and so should you :)

Oh, and I finally wrote my first post for the blog.
I am a returner.

Stefan K / Fubiken

Sigfig, updated in Scotland
Sigfig, updated in Scotland
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6 years ago

Thanks Stefan for sharing these sweet memories with us.
I still remember when you and David where sitting outside the boat to the castle and we walked up to you guys. I was even more nervous then you can image. Our very first toy safari in my little hometown with all these great people from all over the place.

You are “the returner” …

See you in Paris :)

6 years ago

Four already? Looks like there must be something to these safaris… ;-)
I Totally agree with you, Stefan, that it´s mostly about meeting the people behind the camera or that mobile device´s screen. I´m happy we met in Vaxholm and am definitely looking forward to seeing you again in Paris!

6 years ago

Wouldn´t have thought so at the end of the first one but happy we still do! And there are so many more to come…

6 years ago

nice article Stefan.. :)

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