#SiPgoesScotland2017 at Bricklive


If you follow the blog, you might have noticed that not much happened in the past week. Julien is on a non-disclosed island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Boris is hanging out on some Big Inc. event in Amsterdam, Stefan is deep down in new challenges, and well, Maelick is crunching numbers in Northern Finland. It is that thing called life. It catches up with all of us and we hope we will catch up with the plastic side soon.


In the meantime, we just want to quickly report some exciting news as well. Starting from tomorrow Thursday 26th October until Saturday 28th October, the Bricklive exhibition will take place in Birmingham, UK.

If you don’t know about Bricklive, it is the biggest LEGO exhibition in the UK. And guess what. This year there will be a toy photography exhibition about our little Adventure in Edinburgh. It will feature photos from every participant alongside some exclusive behind the scenes photos. Printed.

We are aware this announcement comes a bit late if you haven’t planned to attend the event or live close to Birmingham. However, we will report about it once the event is over and may even do some live streaming on Saturday. And if you are at Bricklive, let us know what you think about it.


Moreover, rumors say that on Saturday, some of us might be there too.
Do not hesitate to come and say hi!

Stay tuned soon for a more detailed report about the event and more plastic awesomeness for you to take part in!

Meanwhile, here are a few teaser photos we couldn’t include in the exhibition but still wishes to share…

Stefan‘s Fabuland
Silly behind the scenes with Stefan by Chris
Julien‘s Explorers
Pensive Julien (behind the scenes by Chris)
Ian‘s Pirates
A group photo by Stacy
Lizzi‘s curious scientist
Maelick focusing (BTS by Sven)
On a distant planet… (by the other Stefan)
Picking toys (BTS by Burak)
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5 years ago

Physilly I will -unfortunately – not attended the event. But guess where my mind will be on Saturday?
Thank you, Maëlick, Julien and Boris: You guys seriously rock my plastic world)

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