Toy Safari checklist

Let’s go to bingo!

Hang on.
That’s not quite right.
Let’s go to Scotland!

Is that better?
Everyone on board?

SiP goes Scotland

That’s right, it’s almost time for the Toy Safari to commence!
Better get my ‘To do’ list sorted before the weekend creeps up on me unprepared!

My main job: provider of bingo cards (and pens, if I can track some down)!

I’ve blogged about plans for bingo before but the card has now been finalised, printed, and tested by none other than Wall-E. I can check this one off the list!

For reference, he is betting on a full house somewhere around 10 am on a Sunday.

Other preparations to be checked off the list before travelling to a toy safari include printing photos for the print exchange and picking toys to bring.

Both of these can be pretty tough to do.

Selecting prints.

The hard thing about printing photos is deciding which prints will be enjoyed by others. I have taken daily toy photos for the last 8 months so I have quite the back catalogue of options and this makes it all the more difficult. 

Looking at the ones I chose, I seem to have a nice green and blue colour scheme going on this year! (I’m keeping my final choices hidden so it’s a surprise for those attending.)

My List.

So, hows my list going?

  • Bingo cards. Check.
  • Photo prints. Check.
  • Flight and hotel booked. Check.
  • Deciding what toys to bring. Ack. Not checked.

Picking what toys to pack is one of my least favourite things (no, really!).
It’s frustrating trying to envision what you might need when you don’t know a place!

To make it more tricky, I want to travel as light as I can this trip.
I’m limiting myself to one box of LEGO/accessories and a couple of other toys. I always take far too many toys and never photograph them.
So this time, it’s all about restraint! 

Of course, one figure that is coming is Batman, defender of shortbread!

Defender of the shortbread.

Are you coming to Scotland?
Are you ready for the trip?

If you are not coming, make sure you follow along on the adventure by checking the hashtag #SiPgoesScotland2017 on Instagram and we will be sharing some of the fun in our behind the scene FB group as well!

Lizzi aka Stepping on Bricks

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