Spread your wings and fly away

Choosing one figure from this new Collectible Minifigures Series is really hard. Once again I’m very tempted of getting all of them. When asked which one I’d like to review, I thought about which one would better fit the Finnish landscapes surrounding me: forests and lakes. There were three possible choices: the Elf, the Dwarf and the Butterfly Girl. From those three my favorite is without a doubt the Butterfly Girl.

But good timing allowed me to actually take my first photos of the Butterfly Girl in a slightly different environment. Probably the most beautiful I’ve personally been given to see: Northern Norway. I headed there for a four-day weekend road trip, without any specific plan other than hoping the location would inspire me some kind of story.

The Story

Aria was living on a quiet island. She was spending a lot of time on the beach, daydreaming about the world. She wished she could go to the mountains on the other side of the sea. But the sea was too dangerous to be sailed.
Someday a fairy came to the beach and gave her a great gift…
…Which allowed her to finally leave her island to explore the wilderness.

The Figure

One of the best things about this figure is all the printed parts. Not only do we have some unique, and extremely cute, prints for the face, the hair and the chest pieces, but even the legs are printed for the shoes. I think this is a very nice addition from LEGO because they could have used the regular non-printed pink legs and the figure would still be a great one. But this additional detail really adds some nice contrast to the figure.

Now it obviously wouldn’t be honest to just mention the prints on the minifigure itself. What I was actually interested in was to reuse those majestic butterfly wings on another figure…

Here comes Butterfly Squid!

Do you also have plans about reusing these wings on specific minifigures?

Let me know.


Sharing the Adventures in The North of my Plastic Friends.

14 Replies to “Spread your wings and fly away”

  1. Awesome post.
    And I love it how you included a little story of three.

    And the scenery, just amazing. We should do a toy safari one day up north in the Lofoten area …

    1. Lizzi told me the same on IG… And I couldn’t agree more. Whether in the Lofoten or somewhere else in Norway, a safari there would be amazing. There are incredible spots to play with toys almost everywhere!

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