Destination Scotland

Busy times.

It is busy times here on SiP.
We are in the middle of a month turning, we have planet Earth going in an equinox and turning our global strobes into a flux.  We are trying to wrap up our missed deadlines, we want to launch a new word  and The LEGO Group (TLG) just released a new *gasp* minifigure series.

Busy Times.
We were all aligned up for a busy weekend of awesomeness when the world turned ugly not just on the main stage but also on our front door just a few kilometers away. Creative energy got turned down a notch, but more on that in a separate post. Back to busy times.

We asked where we should meet for our annual SiP Toy Photography Meet Up also known as Toy Safari and the votes came in.

Scotland it is.

Destination Edinburgh (the other airports in Scotland did not have the same appeal). The main SiP Scotland event will be from Friday noon to Sunday noon in the larger Edinburgh area (read Scotland), and we ultimately may want to settle on a castle close to Nessie.

And this brings us to castles, locations, and reservations.

Albert and Buzzy are really looking everywhere for a castle. Do you have one for a weekend ?

We will be bringing out a final survey on our SiP Scotland Toy Safari (who has the best hashtag suggestion below in the comments and wins the … ) later on however we wanted to make sure we locked down the dates and the fly in location for all of you.

Fly in destination: Edinburg Airport
Event duration: Friday 15.09 noon to Sunday 17.09 noon

Plane, Train or just a simple Hitchhiker across the universe, Albert and Buzzy will reach their final destination …

We have not yet finalized where we will be hanging out together, so if you have an amazing castle or lodge available for us, do let us know.
Albert and Buzzy are on their way !

And yes, this month’s word is travel (more on that in a later post)

See you in Scotland!

The SiP Crew

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7 years ago

I asked a Scotish friend, got a few suggestions:

Plus not in that thread:

Bennett McKinney
7 years ago

How do we submit our word of the month photo?

7 years ago

Hi Bennet, you mean the 3 images of the PS Story ?
You can share them on IG and tag them with the following hashtag #sipthreepicstoryofmarchwithps2017.
Mine are going up this week as well.

Best Regards,

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