Bunny it is.

I love LEGO animals.
I love them.
I love them because they are some kind of minifigures, yet completely different. I like how the designers at LEGO creatively give life to the animal kingdom making them fit perfectly with the brick world.
Every year I look forward to new sets or new minifigures series to see if LEGO has introduced some new mold, so you can imagine how excited I was when the new series of collectible minifigures number 17 was revealed.

Not just one, but two new animals! Two!

A bulldog and a white bunny.
Wait … A BUNNY!
A tender and fluffy bunny!

Home, Sweet Bunny Home …

I need tons of bunnies!
Bunnies everywhere!
Bunnies in the farms, in the wild, on space stations, on the Death Star… I can’t wait to build my own army of bunnies!

My army of bunnies …

LEGO in the past has released a bunny for the Friends line, but this is a masterpiece among minifig-scale animals’ molds.
It is one brick wide and two bricks long with a super-cute pink nose and black eyes and mouth.
The ears are detailed enough to hear what’s going on around.
Is it cute or is it cute???

Unfortunately, the poor rodent seems not to be in good shape, in fact, is accompanied by a veterinary doctor.

A quick health check …

In the past, LEGO has produced veterinary in Friends and DUPLO lines, but never for the City line.
This minifigure bodes well for those who want to add a clinic to their cities.
The doctor has a very professional look, wearing an aqua-colored uniform with blue latex gloves and a stethoscope around her neck, to be always ready to auscultate the animals to take care of.

She is clearly identified as medical specialists in veterinary interventions, as told by the imprint of animal on the ID hanging on to the pants.

Unfortunately, this prevents you from customizing the minifigs to make it generic, unless you replace the pants with a couple of different colors since I am not aware that LEGO has ever produced other legs of the same color.

Hair is a new mold and adds further diversity to the female minifigures landscape.
The two form a close couple, I can only imagine all the adventures they will live and we are all confident that the doctor will be able to heal the bunny and all the animals that LEGO people will need to take care of.

New adventures await …

And now I am back to my bunny fields!

Marco / The APhOL

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4 years ago

Oh Marco, where shall I start..? First of all:
Thank you!
Thank you for a great fun article. Thank you for your lovely photos. For the clear statement that a rabbit is equal to a person in terms of mini figures. For sharing a (to me) new angle of toy photography and the creativity within it. And last not least for showing me the best carrot pics I’ve seen in the last ten years at least!! Glad I came across your work here.

4 years ago
Reply to  Marco

Yes please! ;) You´re welcome…

4 years ago

Love the car-rot :D

I also like to collect LEGO animals, although my collection is far from complete. I wish LEGO would release soon a recolored version of that new rabbit in brown, so we can also have a hare to add to the animal family :-)

4 years ago

So many cool photos from one minifig. Well done Marco. I LOVE the field of bunnies. Too cute. I can’t wait to get my hands on this little lady and her bunny.