Save The Date- the 2017 StuckInPlastic ToyPhotoMeetUp

Time is rushing by at the speed of light. A London Toy Safari is just around the corner, most people will already be looking forward to a well-deserved summer vacation and Christmas is displayed in most everyone´s calendars, too.

There´s only one event that is missing: the 2017 Stuck In Plastic Toy Photo Safari.

This year it will take place on the weekend of September 15th/16th/17th.

If so far you´ve only ever read about past toy safaris and thought “Well, next time…” then this is your chance. Reserve the date.

If you´ve already been either to the BalticToySafari or the Hamburg meet up (or both?) then you know what will be waiting for you.

Meeting old and new friends, all passionate about our favorite plastic toy and photography  of every level (from pinhole camera’s over mobile phones to DSLRs and beyond- the R in DSLR is getting old); the chance to exchange not only ideas, but share toys, tips and tricks and even gear- you name it; a casual atmosphere amongst like-minded people where no one is judged for taking photos of toys; and last not least the chance to create memories that may last a lifetime.

But before you start jumping around your house shouting “TOY PHOTO SAFARI, TOY PHOTO SAFARI!” and charging your camera batteries (better not forget to) there´s one more thing we´re asking you to.

Past discussions have narrowed this year´s possible destination to a top three and we want you to tell us your favorite:

The west coast of SwedenIreland or Scotland.

Please think about where (they all have a fair chance of rain) you´d want to get together with us in September and share your thoughts in the comments below or on any of the social channels we hang out .

All entries until next Sunday, 26th of March at noon, will be taken into account.

Looking forward to your replies!

The SiP Crew

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Ireland or Scotland – leaning towards Scotland as I could make it a road trip!!

(I’m already in Sweden in July!)

(Also, yay!)

David Rasmusson

I’ll vote Scotland.

Because etc. etc.


Awesome Picture!

I really like it how you went all in, and put that most awesome graffiti in on the bunker in the background. Amazing. Made me think of Normandie for some reason and P. Day.

Scotland sounds very interesting and challenging, logistic wise, but we do love a challenge :)

Now Scotland is huge.
Very huge.
And has Islands.
And Nessie.
And Rain.
And cheap flights :)


The days are locked in my calendar. And I already put a request for holidays to my supervisor.
Now for the destination, everything sounds good to me, but I have a preference for Scotland.
I already see pictures of knights, kilts, bagpipes and… StarWars?!

Maëlick (aka Reiterlied)

It’s hard to cast a vote with 3 destinations that will be new for me. So I guess that will be a blank vote for me ;-)

Maëlick (aka Reiterlied)

I’m going back on my vote actually. I’ve checked the flights and flights from Oulu to both Glasgow and Edinburgh are actually almost as expensive as flights to the USA… I’d really want to go to Scotland but if flights are already that expensive 6 months in advance, it might make it impossible for me to attend the event :-(

Ian Cockayne

I have the dates in my diary, and they all sound like awesome locations, although Scotland is driveable for me ;)

I still have another house move to get out of the way before this, but really hope I can join you all on a plastic beach this year.


PS loving the Gorillaz reference


Looking forward to catch up, Ian!