This month word is a pretty simple one.
One we use quite often, in our day to day live, at home, at school or at work. One every photographer should explore more if not yet fully part of his or her photographer’s toolbox.
And that is exactly what we will be doing this month.
Explore it more.
Practice it.
The word of March is simply Projects.

According to Wikipedia a Project is an individual or collaborative enterprise, possibly involving research and design, that is carefully planned, usually by the project team, to achieve a particular aim or objective.
According to the Project Management Insititute who publishes the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge Book) a project is different from day to day activities because unlike BAU (business as usual), projects have a definite beginning and an end – they have a limited duration and a clear goal and objective.

One can argue that every image in itself is a project but in this month exploration, we like to take it beyond those individual images and create a small project.

A project which starts from an idea (we should all have plenty ideas and inspiration from the first two words, reflection and inspiration).
That idea will need to tell a story, a simple story (the S in PS) that we can tell in 3 simple images on IG (the deliverable of the project).
A simple story that contains the initials PS in it (a simple stakeholder requirement to create some creative stress and shared consistency).
3 images.
An introduction, a cliffhanger, and an ending.
Not more, not less (a project constraint).

And a small deadline (it is a project after all).
The project needs to be completed and the three images published on IG no later than March 31st.

A fun little project.

Why projects?
Doing small projects helps us creatives to focus on the project deliverable.
It sets a goal.
With a deadline.
And a deliverable.
It helps us to focus, and not procrastinate or deviate from the original idea.

We will be using projects later on this year a few more times, so practice makes mastery …

Curious what HerrSM, Ballou34, and Reiterlied will think about this months challenge. I for sure started to work out my idea in a simple kanban board on little post-its.

If you want to join in our little adventure, we will have a simple IG hashtag later on, where you can publish your own project as well.

Wall-E is all set for his little project …

PS. And some projects do fail. I will be sharing at least one failed project with you this month and what I learned from it.

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