lobster lovin' Batman

Winner winner, lobster dinner!


Thanks for all the wonderful responses to our LEGO Batman Movie Collectable Minifigures giveaway. We were truly blown away, not only by the sheer volume of entries, but how Stuck In Plastic has made impact on it’s readers over the past twelve months.

As you may know, I’ve been away for the past fortnight or so, down the coast camping with family and friends. I had little to no internet connection whilst away. So, to come back to over 50 responses left my head swimming. Each comment I read was the winner. Then I’d read the next, and that was the winner. It wasn’t easy picking just one from all the wonderful entries.

I like Batman, I like crass
Robin’s got a new bus pass
Beastie Boys – Holy Snappers

Yes, some of the comments were a nice little ego stroke, not only for me, but for the other Stuck In Plastic members too. It was nice to have validation that what we’ve done has impacted others. Thank you all.

However, there can only be one winner. And after much deliberation, debate and discussion, we are pleased to announce HerrSM is the winner of a full set of The LEGO Batman Movie Collectable Minifigures.

Your comment resonated with us. It spoke to us in a way we hope the blog has spoken to others. It eloquently expressed the heart of everything we wanted for, and from, this community. Your comment inspired us, just as you were inspired by our posts to push yourself to the next level.

Congratulations HerrSM!

*HerrSM, DM me your postal details on IG and I’ll get the full set of 20 Minifigures sent to you the next time I’m down at the post office. – Brett

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7 years ago

Congratulations to our friend HerrSM!!! :-) I’m glad for you!

Jillian Sims
Jillian Sims
7 years ago

Mine is the how to camera but I like all the other ones too it’s hard to say which is my favorite I like them all and I’ve seen the legit batman movie it was good

7 years ago

Thanks Jilian !
2016 was awesome.
Lets see if 2017 has some great gems hidden in it as well !

Have to admit I still have to see the awesome Batman one.

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