BRB or Be Right Back.

With all the recent changes happening at the start of 2017, we for sure kicked twenty seventeen of with fireworks and a great start for toy photography in general. We wish Shelly and Brett all the best on their new creative adventures.

Before we take a deep dive and share with you where we want to take Stuck In Plastic in 2017 we need a little time off.
A time of creative reflection.
A moment of zen.
A time of introspect, reflect back on those amazing things we did, and what we want to achieve next here on SiP.

What better place than taking this reflection in a hot tub full a creative ideas …

We will soon be back with an update, but for now we are just a little AFK (another great acronym standing for away from keyboard) and we will be right back after the break.

2017 has just started …

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7 years ago

What a lovely photo to leave us with… looking forward to your return.

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