Star Wars Contest follow-up

Our second photographic competition has come to a conclusion and the winners have been notified. With 184 photos from 72 entrants, we doubled the participation levels of our last contest.

And let me be the first to say: You guys rock!

As the contest gathered steam and the entries started to flow in, I was greeted everyday by amusing and clever images. It was a wonderful way to start each day! I was treated to many smiles and a few outright laughs as you once again impressed me with your clever stories and amusing sight gags. You made our job of choosing a handful of images to accompany our Bricks Culture article very hard.

How Did We Choose?

Similar to our previous contest, I presented your images blind to the four judges – Boris, Mike, Vesa and Brett. Every image had both an entrant and image number plus the occasional title attached. Each judge chose their top 10-15 images and we looked to see where we agreed or disagreed. We talked about the merits of each image, we looked at over all quality, how effective the story was conveyed and how each image would ultimately print in the magazine. During our two hour debate we choose the nine images that we felt represented both our community and the scope of our article.

The Best of the Rest

The participants of the contest have graciously (and with good humor) allowed me to publish a representative image of their entry to the contest.  I’m sure you can see for yourself that the competition was stiff and there are many wonderful images that we did not choose. I hope you will take the time to view all the images in the gallery, their even more impressive when seen in context of all the entries.

“of course you get my permission to put one of my not making it to the article shot into the collective not winners blogpost :)” – anonymous

Our goal is to share our amazing toy photography community with a wider audience through the Bricks Culture Magazine. To be our most successful we need the participation of our readers. The number of photos and entrants we received for this contest helps to make this possible. Thank you!!

I hope that you in turn will support Bricks Culture Magazine by becoming a subscriber or at the very least purchasing an occasional single issue. Bricks Culture is offered in both print and digital forms and you can subscribe through either their North American or European distributor.

Stay tuned for our next photographic contest which will be announced this spring. You will have another chance to show us your best work and have a chance to be published in a future issue of Bricks Culture.

Thank you for participating and being so awesome!

~ Shelly

Star Wars Contest Gallery
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7 years ago

Awesome works , very clever and creative! :-)

wendy Verboom
7 years ago

Great works, thank you for showing al the photos from the participants

7 years ago

Amazing photos!!

7 years ago

thanks for the post Shelly.. :)

7 years ago

Beautiful selection of photos. Well done to those who contributed :)

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