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My 1st toy photo was a souvenir from Copenhagen

Some say you never forget your first, so when Shelly asked me to write about my first LEGO photo I had it in my mind right away, but it had been a long time since I thought about it.

In 2009 I had been years since I’d bought any new LEGO. The LEGO I had was packed away sorted by set in boxes in my parents’ attic. So when I went for holiday in Copenhagen and walked past a toy store, a little LEGO set felt like a fun souvenir.

I got the 8402, a red sports car, and the minifigure was in my pocket for the rest of our holiday. A few times it got placed in the normal holiday photos of statues or food, but once it got to be the star and I count that as my first toy photo:
davirasm's 1st toy photo

It stayed with me the rest of the summer and I did shoot one more photo with it:
davirasm's 2nd toy photo

After that summer it got put on a shelf, and it would be five more years later before another fig got in front of my first DSLR, and since then it’s been a thing I do; using LEGO to build perfect little moments in my spare time.

Last year, Stuck In Plastic had a series of posts about “the 5 favorite minifigs” and of course my first had to be one of my five:
davirasm 1 of 5 castaways(Yes, somewhere along the way his hair color changed.)

–David “davirasm” Rasmusson

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7 years ago

Hello, David! :-)
I love your story very much! And your first shots with your little friend are really beautiful! Thank you !
Kind Regards,

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