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As we surge towards the end of another year, it seems appropriate that I reflect on this year as a member of the Stuck In Plastic collective. I’d best get it out of the way early, because if all goes to plan (which it rarely does) the next couple of posts from me should take care of themselves. Plus, if I don’t write it now, chances are I’ll forget.

I was officially inducted into the gang in August, but I’d been hanging around for some time before then, regularly contributing weekly words since April.

So, what have I learnt during my short time here at Stuck In Plastic?

*breathes in

I’ve learnt to renounce my own mediocrity and embrace the fact that I’m a toy photographer. I’ve leant to use a big kid’s camera. I’ve learnt that my “snuffbox” is no match for my eldest son’s karate skills. I’ve learnt that having jeans with stained knees is something to be proud of, and getting dirty knees in the city is something I should do more often. I’ve learnt that there’s something magical about the youthful enthusiasm of shooting toys with kids, whether they’re mine or someone else’s. I’ve learnt to embrace my inner riot grrrl and try to shoot more female LEGO minifigures. I’ve learnt to aim high and to “open a thesaurus of words” to aspire to. I’ve learnt that organising an exhibition can be a wonderfully rewarding pain in the arse. I’ve learnt that revisiting old shots to re-shoot/re-edit is akin to opening Pandora’s box. I’ve learnt that I knew stuff and only had to be reminded to remember. I’ve leant that sometimes voyeurism during a LEGO photography gathering can more rewarding than participating. I’ve learnt about the ups and downs of LEGO photography, both the photo formats and the emotions. And I’ve learnt that I  always manage to throw some words together at the last minute just in time for Shelly to hit the publish button!


I don’t know what the future holds
All I know is you’re there with me
That’s all I need
Descendents – We

Thank you
“Thank you”

Wow! And this is just a brief recap of the words I’ve written here? This doesn’t even come close to what I’ve learnt from the other members, the contributors, and the commenters. I’ve learned so much from you guys. Thank you. Really, thank you.

Yet, the biggest take away I have from my brief time here at Stuck In Plastic is the friendships I’ve discovered, begun, grown and solidified. New friendships have been initiated, some have been confirmed, and others have grown into something far beyond just friendships.

I won’t say your name
But you know who you are
I’ll never be the same again now – no way
I just want to say
Thank you for playing the way you play
Descendents – Thank You

When I first accepted Shelly’s offer to “try” being a regular contributor, I never knew how it would turn out. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what I expected to gain from it? Probably nothing? But I’ve gained so much.

Thanks to you guys, this knucklehead is now somewhat less of a knucklehead. And, thanks to you guys, this knucklehead can proudly call a lot of you his friends.

Thank you.

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7 years ago


It’s been a real pleasure having you not only as a regular contributor to the blog but as a part of the team. The you said: ‘yes!’ was an awesome day indeed! I’m glad that you have found the experience as enriching as we have. Here’s to friendships made stronger for our shared experience and I look forward to more of the same in 2017. I’m hoping that our paths will cross in person somehow in 2017.

Thanks for being so awesome!


7 years ago
Reply to  brett_wilson

Brett – Im glad you agree – the year HAS been awesome! I look forward to sharing more awesome moments with you in 2017 – including a couple of photos safaris! Thank you for being such a great friend on and off the blog! – Cheers! Shelly

7 years ago

Great post, Brett! It’s been great, as a reader, to have you on the blog. I love your perspective on photography, your particular style of writing and photo-taking, and your humor. Thank YOU for everything that you do for Stuck in Plastic! Here’s to all the great things you’ll learn in 2017 :)

Leila @brickandmordor
7 years ago

This was an awesome summary to read! Brett I’m so glad you’re part of Stuck in Plastic. It’s also been a pleasure watching your art evolve. Here’s to more learning and laughing and LEGOing!

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