Why? by Wendy Verboom

I want to start by saying  thank you to Shelly for the invitation to write something for this Blog. It is a great opportunity to share my hobby of photography with other Lego fans from around the world.

Truth is that I am not taking photo’s of Lego for a long time. My first big passion was Macro photography. I think it is just super to discover the beauty of nature and showing it’s little wonders.

Last year I started taking pictures of Lego after we sorted my boyfriend’s old Lego after cleaning up at this parents house. I thought it would be just great combining the beauty of nature with Lego figures in it and try to make a pretty scene with it. Because Lego is so small, the comparison with macro photography is very close, so it was a real win-win situation for me. I like Lego a lot because you can make many poses with them and change there faces and outfits so you can really show emotions with them.

At the moment I don’t use photoshop on my photo’s but of course I do a little bit of adjustments with freeware for the extra touch. When I go for a walk, most of the time I just let nature inspire me and give me nice ideas for taking new shots and by doing this it lets me give them my personal touch. Sometimes I get the question why is an adult like me still “playing” with Lego? It is simple, because I just think it is great when that small Lego figure comes to life in my photo. It gives me a super feeling.

I hope you like my photo’s and I hope I can making a lot more while having a lot of fun with it.

Best greetings,



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A great “Why?” story… Wendy, I follow you on multiple social media platforms and truly enjoy both your toy and nature images! Keep sharing :-)

Maëlick (aka Reiterlied)

It’s a real pleasure to read your story. I’m also glad I found you on Flickr months ago. I’ve always struggled taking (outdoor) photos when not traveling and your photography has been a great source of inspiration when I started to force myself to go out with my toys. Thank you for showing me it’s possible to take some amazing outdoor toy photos in Belgium!


Nice post and fun to read that that you also started with macro, I do think we see nature in another way. And minifigs (mostly) fit in just great :)


Dear Wendy,
I really love your post and your amazing works! Enjoying them on Instagram, I always thought about your unique style: it is so joyful and full of beauty that nature gives every day! Shining drops, mushrooms, sunny background… and small friends. ;-)
You are great at showing this beauty and combining macro shots with Lego!


Great post Wendy! I recently discovered your photos on Instagram and Flickr and I love them! It’s so fun to see minifigures out in nature!