Why? By Ann @Miss__Feklista

First of all, I’d like to thank Shelly for this awesome opportunity to share my hobby with my friends from around the world.

My name is Ann and I photograph toys because I like to bring Joy.

My story is both simple and special: it is about the relationship with a Toy. Is there anybody who didn’t love toys in childhood? We all learnt to rejoice, playing with them. I’m convinced that an adult can keep love for toys! Growing up, we just find new ways of playing and, in my opinion, the most fascinating of them is Toy and Lego Photography.

I have loved creativity since childhood and really admired the first Lego sets in my collection – Harry Potter and his friends’ rooms. Now they’re considered to be very old and it puts some charm into them. I was of the same age with Harry when the first books, films and Lego sets appeared. It’s very pleasant to think about it, that’s why Lego is connected with something marvelous for me.

The interest in Lego Photography acquired its shape when I realized how much every photo can tell! During the process of photography the most amazing thing happens: you see how the Toy is living! It’s not just an effect maid with a good camera and the photographer’s skills. These are the positive and sincere emotions I get making toy photos.

As for my works, you won’t see any illusion in them even if the astronaut is flying and the diver is studying a deep-sea creature. Being a self-taught sculptor and artist, I create the unique objects for my little friends. There is nothing like a great travel to another country… when the weather is bad behind the window!

I never use “Photoshop”. Sometimes I draw on my photo in an old and easy program as if I was making one of my paintings in the real life. For example, I really enjoyed inventing new Mexican Cactus and Chili costumes for the Lego mini figures in addition to the Banana.

The question “Why?” was easy for me: I do it because I have fun and invite you to have fun with me! It’s so important not to grow up by Heart.

The Toy shows the way to Magic, and Magic is above price.

Ann @Miss__Feklista






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Tony Tulloch
7 years ago

Wow! What incredible talent you have Ann. Given that mini figures are so small, you must also have incredible patience. Thanks for sharing your story.

7 years ago

Ahh, fun! My favourite reason “why”! Lovely post and photos Ann, thanks for sharing.

Francis (@legoliscious)
Francis (@legoliscious)
7 years ago

Great story Ann! And you’re such a creative photographer combining your awesome sculptures and lego!

7 years ago

Great post Ann!

I’m scrolling down your Instagram’s profile and I’m looking that your gallery is something amazing.
Mexican and Cactus costumes you made, underline the huge love you put on this passion!

Congrats! ;)

Lynn Moore
7 years ago

Wonderful post Ann! I’m always amazed by your photos so it’s nice to read some background about you too. Your pictures are always very artistic – I love them!


Wendy Verboom
7 years ago

I love your style, great scenes and colorful work.
I admire your work on instagram , it’s a great account.

Leila @brickandmordor
7 years ago

It’s so great to read your story! I love your setups and your whimsical artistic sense. I’d love to learn more about your sculpting too!

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