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Summer holidays are just around the corner, one more day of meetings with Big Inc. and then we will be packing the full crew and gear into their respective bags and carriers alike and head down south for two weeks of sunny relaxing and some smaller photographic adventures on the side.

Alfred Great Summer Adventure
Alfred Great Summer Adventure

This year it is not going to be some epic adventure with a big storyline, but more a focus on photography itself. The storyline is set (more on that next week), the gear is being packed and the cameras for the adventure selected. I will be taking my good old full frame  DSLR with me together with my favorite primes, but this year I will also be taking a few other cameras with me of different frame sizes.

This year I want to go back to the future and try to use my iPhone as a full fledged camera again that will be doing more than just snapping a quick behind the scene or be there when you need a snapshot and the only good camera you have along is the one you have along (read your mobile).

I started my plastic Instagram adventure a good 5 years ago with an iPhone 2 and evolved over the years to posting mainly DSLR images on Instagram and just using my iPhone as the bridge into IG.

Alfred Great Adventure - III
Shot with a full frame DSLR of Nikon or an iPhone ?

The mobile smartphone cameras have evolved enormously over the years, and while I wont replace my good old Nikon for an iPhone (or a Sony) anytime soon, I do want to focus on getting some great shots with my iPhone as well this time ( I know there are some fantastic photographers out there that only use their mobile camera).

The iPhone 6 is an awesome piece of technology with a great camera that includes Harry Potter like photo capabilities with its LIVE view and native build in HDR, panorama capabilities that don’t need stitching and the most awesome slow motion all packed into this wonderful piece of technology fitting easily in the back of your pocket.

Ohh, and did I say, I cant wait to see if the iPhone 7 will finally join the likes of Samsung and Sony Xperia and be fully waterproof so I no longer have to think about getting a wetsuit or dry bag for my DSLR and iPhone alike when shooting Alfred big adventure.

Not sure how this photographic adventure will pan out this summer, but I am going to give it a try and push my iPhone to my creative limits. Curious if you will see the difference when I post the odd iPhone shot on my IG summer feed this time …

A summer project to look forward to …


Alfred Big Adventure


Do you recognise if I used a classic DSLR or iPhone for capturing Alfred on his great adventure ?
Do you think it matters ?

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