Creative resuscitation

I often take breaks from toy photography, I’m certainly not one of those photograph-a-day people. I don’t think I could take a photo every day even if I tried. My ideas have become more complicated as I’ve developed as a photographer and each photo has become more of a project than a quick snapshot.

Almost every photo I post online these days is accompanied by a comment saying “nice to see you back!” on some form of social media. Hey! I didn’t go anywhere!

There was a beautifully relevant comic by The Oatmeal a few days ago on creativity —

That fits my attitude to the subject very well. I take time to immerse myself in other things, and eventually the threads and thoughts from other areas lead me back into photography.

Recently I have been putting together a greenhouse, building a “Hackintosh” optimised for video editing, making my own cheese, resurrecting my old Amiga A1200 computer, and buying old Asimov paperbacks from eBay. None of these activities is directly related to photography, but learning, creating and reading about robots do have a lot in common with the stuff I do behind the camera.

The thoughts are beginning to flow back to photographic matters. I even bought a new macro lens last week. It was terrible (and very, very cheap), but that’s not the point.

Maybe I’ll actually order those LEGO parts I need from Bricklink before the weekend is over.

– Mike

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5 years ago

Hmm, this made me think. I try to push myself to come up with shots, post often. Perhaps I should let the shots come to me instead? I do have times when my head is emty of things to shoot, could be that I force myself to much. You made me think about it atleast.
Good post!

5 years ago

Mike, Thanks for this timely reminder that creativity isn’t always linear; its good to take breaks, its good to spend time on side projects. And yes the Oatmeal defiantly hd it right. How did your cheese come out? I’m frankly quite curious about that one. Why the old Asimov paperbacks? For the graphics? First editions? I know there is always a method to your madness. :D

5 years ago

I often wonder whether I should post more or less on social networks. While I’m far from being able to take, or even post, one photo per day, I try to post as much as possible of the photos I take. I do it because I want/hope to get some kind of feedback on these photos. Even when there is a photo that didn’t turn out as good as I would have liked (and is not complete garbage), I try to force myself to put it online. Also it forces me to avoid procrastinating: when there is no more photos… Read more »

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