A toy safari is a chance to share a passion

We just have to accept that Kristina is not a group person

I have spent five amazing days in Seattle with the Toy-Safari-group. This is my second safari, since I attended my first in Waxholm last summer and I meet Shelly and the European StuckinPlastic people for the first time. Without the great experience in Waxholm, I would never have ended up in Seattle for this safari. Why? Because just as the quote says in the beginning of this blog post, I’m not a group person, or maybe I’m just a  group person for a toy-safari.


Why am I only a group person for a toy-safari?

The reason is simple, to attend a safari is experience the possibilities, to have the opportunity to try new things and to see other photographers at work.  When you’re on a safari your part of a group of people that shares the same passion for photography, and that is an amazing experience. To be honest this is an odd hobby; to spend time lying on the ground taking pictures of toys. But on a safari this odd hobby  suddenly becomes the most normal thing, because everybody is doing it. We are all lying on the ground taking pictures of our toys. And that is a feeling that you never can get if you don’t come to a toy-safari or shoot toys in a group of like minded photographers.


One thing that amazes me, is all the ideas that the other photographers  come up with. They seam to have endless ideas for photographs and that is a bit intimidating because I seems to have none. But when you’re on a safari there are so many possibilities to make pictures outside of your comfort zone. You can always borrow a toy or two from another fellow photographer, and suddenly you, like me, can become a toy-photographer of Chima or Pandas – yes I went for Shelly’s toy-box :).


No, I’m not a group person, but I love the opportunity to be part of a crowd that shares my passion. So thank you Seattle (especially you Shelly!) and thank you to all the photographers that attend the Safari.


Seattle Toy Safari 2016

p.s here are some of my behind the scenes pictures, (the rest is on flickr)d.s.




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8 years ago

Fantastic peek behind the scenes. Great turn out and some many possibilities!

8 years ago

I’m so glad you will make an exception for us! I can’t imagine this event without you there. Plus no one takes BTS photos like you do! These are amazing (but you know that already)!!



8 years ago

Fantastic meeting! I envy you all. I would like to find friends who share the same passion of me.
You are a big group, and to see that you all went there to shot your toys it’s spectacular.
And I saw your results on Instagram: wonderful!
I hope you will make other meetings like this in the future.
Congratulations toyphotographers! :)

8 years ago

Such a wonderful behind the scenes gallery. Thank you for sharing them. Your shots, as well as the amazing shots from the safari, have really got me thinking about the next one… :D

8 years ago

Meeting you is definitely a highlight for me, you are not a group person nd I totally get it, but have your own amazing way and sense of humor that I will always remember. It was so gret to be able to share this experience with you and learn from you!
Looking forward to see you again!

8 years ago

Fantastic photos of behind scenes. I feel big envy now ;)

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