The Ghost in the Plastic Machine

The Classic Spaceman, who is that guy? I mean, I know they’re supposed to have occupations according to their colours but do they have a character? Like personality or something like that. Yeah, it’s just plastic, but if you’re going after the plastic with a camera you have to think of it as more than that.

The golden one I wrote about earlier is not an official spaceman but it certainly has character. Probably more than the others. It’s very much into dancing.  :D  That one doesn’t count, it’s really too easy.

Of the official spacemen I have photographed the white one (on snow, I can’t help that), but I didn’t get any feeling of what it’s like as a character. I thought the white colour would transmit something; purity, blandness, serenity, stupidity… anything. But no, it was a blank (pun intended). We’ll see.

Mr. White. What a boring character with no character. Unless, it’s still hiding from me, just waiting to show itself. Hmm, not giving up just yet.

The black, however, seems to be taking it’s character to it’s own hands. I’ve shot it three times now and it keeps getting better each time. This, even though I have not changed the setup or idea much, it just keeps coming back.

Mr. Black. The first round.
Mr. Black. The second round.

I like this very much. So far I have no idea where the black is going but I will keep following it’s endeavours. Will it go deeper into the black or will there be light? I have no idea, I’m just documenting this.

Mr. Black. The third round.

This is something I have been missing a while now: photographing without pushing it, as if I’m just watching something unfold. It’s great!

To me, this is toyphotography at it’s best.

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8 years ago

I love these shots so much as the classic spacemen.
All of them are very clean and well edited.
I love the effect you put on the black ones but my heart goes to Mr.Disco. :-D

8 years ago

It’s all plastic, and ghost, your ghost in your machine. So then, what if your ghost is saying, I’m tired of this human machine, I want to be in this plastic machine instead? I’s that why you are drawn to the black spaceman more than the white? You are the ghost in that machine. It sounds crazy right? But what makes us connect with one plastic machine more than another? What makes us embody life in one figure over another when the only difference is colour? If the mind truely is separate from the body does that mean the mind… Read more »

8 years ago

The best photos are truly the ones that unfold without being forced. I never understood pre-visualization. How can we puny humans ‘imagine’ all the possibilities that the world can so effortlessly create. I’ve always felt that photography had a mystical element, almost a third eye. The camera /lens/ film (pixel) combination has the ability to ‘see’ what our human eyes so often miss. It has the ability to see the ‘magic’ that still exists in this world. To me your black spacemen photos exemplify this experience beautiful. They are mesmerizing in their simplicity and artistry.

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