Make it seem – a new challenge

It’s my turn to present the next photo challenge. I have choose one by Lucas Fogia called “Make it seem…“. This is a photographic challenge where you are supposed to make four different toy- pictures. This is what you should do:

  1. Make a photograph of something that is supposed to be happy, and you should make it seem sad.

  2. Make a photograph of something that is supposed to be sad , and make it seem beautiful.

  3. Make a photograph of something that is normal and make it seem shocking

  4. Make a photograph of something that you want the world to know about and make it urgent.

The “rules” for this challenge are the same as always :)  We will work with the challenge for about two weeks and then we, at least Shelly and I, will present our results hear on Stuck in Plastic. Good luck and I hope you will join us in this latest challenge.


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This is an amazing challenge.
I would be very happy to participate in it.

Should we use a tag to show to you our results on Instagram?


I’ve been thinking about this one all day! I will confess that this will be a tremendous challenge. Time to get serious.

How about a tag for all the challenges? Possibly #stuckinplastic_photochallenge?? What do you think?


That’s fine.
I’ll write also on which group the picture is related; I mean one of those above.


I’m heading out on my photography retreat and had grand plans of completing challenges and bringing myself up to date with you two. This one seems more exciting than the other ones though! Maybe I’ll get them all done, maybe I’ll come back with nothing. I’m really excited to see everybody’s results from this one!


I’ll try and come with something on this one…

I have an idea for the first point but the rest looks very difficult to me :)

I hope to be able to show you something… I only have a and Flickr. I’ll post the link here ? I don’t know how you guys do…

All the best for your pictures!

Maëlick (aka Reiterlied)

I’m trying to slowly catch up with everything I missed lately. This challenge seems really fun. I hope to get something soon, at least for the first three points. (Still have absolutely no idea how to proceed for the fourth)

It’s also nice we finally have a hashtag for the challenges.


When I read this one I thought the same as you. I thought the last one would be the hardest. I ended up doing that photo first. The first one, find something happy and make it sad, is the one that I had the most trouble with. Even now I am torn between two different photos I ended up creating.

Good luck!