Yesterday was a good day.

I got the luxury of finding myself all alone in my little backyard, the Stockholm Archipelago, filled with beautiful white fresh snow, some gorgeous sunlight and a few precious hours of nothingness to spare.

I decided to get my gear out and try to take some of the shots I had been thinking about. Shots that needed exactly the conditions I got thrown in my lap and test some of the new gear I am planning to take later on this year on a few roadtrips ahead, including a 220V car inverter to load some of the batteries while on the road.

After a first stop and getting some nice shots outside (sorry, no plastic in these), I packed everything into the back of the car, put the batteries on loading and continued to my next destination.

Walking on thin ice
Walking on thin ice …

I had this shot visualized at the end of a little hiking trail, so I parked the car at the designated parking lot, got myself warmly packed in for a little hike and got the backpack on my shoulders. One happy camper on his way to his next plastic shoot …

A good 20 minutes later, I reached my designated spot and started to unpack the gear and get ready to prepare the shot when I noticed the little iPad cable was not in its right place in my backpack next to all the plastic. It was actually not in my backpack at all. And I needed that cable for this shot as the iPad was supposed to be the tethered view of my camera. Ouch.

I could do two things.
Try to shoot the shot blind, without the visual guidance of the iPad, or track back to the car, get the cable (I used the same setup at the previous location, so I knew I must have left it in the car) and come back. The sun was still pretty high, and I had plenty of time in my own backyard, so I decided to hike back, get the cable (which was nicely laying on top of the 220V inverter in the back of the car) and try the shot again.

A good hour later I almost had the shot and I was a few experiences richer in better understanding my gear, including checking for that little cable prior to getting on a hike.

Doing dry runs with new gear in your own backyard is something I like to do. It helps me to find these little quirks in my workflows and routines, and make me not only better understand my gear, but also let me focus on my subject when it really matters and I dont have the luxury to walk balk to get a little cable and just enjoy the scenery like I did yesterday.

Yesterday was a good day.

A little selfie from a hike last year. It feels like only yesterday
A little selfie from a hike last year. It feels like only yesterday. I had all my gear and some good friends along that day …

Did you ever travelled a long way to get that shot, just to discover you actually left a key piece of gear or plastic behind ? And how did you solve it ? Did you get creative on the spot, or went back at a later stage ?

I am curious to hear your experiences !


PS. Happy Birthday from me too !

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Matt Birdsall
6 years ago

I’ve set out for the day and later on realised that both the battery in the camera AND the spare are both almost dead. Had to shoot like every shot could be the last. Certainly focuses the mind :)

6 years ago

I often forget something when going out for shooting. When it happens I generally don’t have the possibility to go back home to get what I need. So I try to live with the available gear, even if it’s not the right one. I think the worst time was when I needed my 70-300mm lens and took instead my 18-105mm kit lens, which has become mostly useless to me because I have prime lenses covering that focal range.

Stefan (@herrsm)
6 years ago

I´m still using very basic gear for taking pictures but obstacles can appear in various disguises.
Whether a can of drink is leaking inside your suitcase on the flight into a planned weekend or a man (or hoodie) gets overboard the best thing you can do (in my book) is improvise the best you can and still seize the day ;-)

6 years ago

Well there was that time I went out shooting with Wiiman and forgot my SD card…

6 years ago

As I promised you on Instagram, here is my comment.
First of all, great picture. I love the focus style.
I never had an experience like this, but when I did my last shots, I lost two pieces.
I usually put my figures in my jacket and due to this, something fell out.
Fortunately I shot in my garden and I hope to find them anywhere, haha.

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