I feel like a Sunday painter these days. You know, one of those folks that take their painting gear out on Sundays and paint some pretty pictures.  A great pastry, but maybe not the creative vibe I am looking for.

I blogged about this in the past, and I for sure will talk about it in the future, but right now, I just feel like one. I only have the time to take all the gear out on Sundays and I cannot get into a daily creative rhythm of shooting plastic. Let alone post on IG or the other social outlets on a daily basis.

And here comes the duality that is in place.

As a creative/artist you only want to publish your consistent best work.  Only shooting once a week (on Sundays) makes that even more difficult, as not every photoshoot results in the next best shot. And so you end up publishing even less.

Not a good place to be in.

Here is one shoot from our Sunday moment in the Studio today trying to explore some of the portrait lightening I talked about earlier. Not sure I would call it consistent best work, but it was great fun and that is what Sunday painting is all about.

Enjoy the super bowl this fine Sunday !


A Sunday Photoshoot


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Ben Teoh
7 years ago

I hear ya! Juggling work, family and other commitments means I’ve only had time on the weekends to shoot. Even then, sometimes it’s only every second weekend.

Do you do anything during the week to stay creative or prepare for Sunday? Sometimes I sketch ideas to get them out of my head or take test shots of angles before going taking the minifigs out out in wild when I get the chance.

Shelly Corbett
7 years ago

Boris, I’m sorry you don’t have the time to devote to your creative side like you would like. But Im pretty sure you’re also challenged in a good way by Big Inc. Like everyone here, and else where, I have a duel life, one as a wife, mother and business owner which I have to balance with my desires to be a creative artist. Some days I want to run away and simply pursue photography. It’s on those days I tell myself that at some point my kids will need me less, the business won’t be a constant struggle and… Read more »

Foolish Lego
7 years ago

You’re spot on with this one. The problem with this dual life is not only the smaller amount of free time but also the stress the ‘not so creative’ life might bring you… and stress is not the best way to get the creative juices flowing.
Then again, for me the one life can’t exist without the other, so I guess we’ll have to make due with the time and (creative) energy we have.

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