The Night Before

’Twas the night before Christmas, the shopping complete,
gifts under the tree looking shiny and neat.

But the presents were not what the children desired,
for the parents had plans for the gifts they’d acquired.

Toys were picked for aesthetics, beauty and form,
not the joy they would bring when the wrapping was torn.

For the parents knew rightly the kids would lose interest,
and soon they’d return to Facebook and Pinterest.

Once the toys were discarded no one would object,
to their intended use: a photographic subject.

Wishing you all a very happy holidays from all here at Stuck in Plastic. Hope you have a wonderful time, and here’s to a 2016 filled with toy photography!


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6 years ago

So funny- yet so true!
Wishing you all a peaceful, silent, holy night from Germany. Good night, good people of this great community.

6 years ago

Merry Christmas! I really love that picture and the text is awesome! Have a wonderful christmas Mike

Shelly Corbett
6 years ago

A very appropriate post! Thank you Mike!

I do hope everyone had a peaceful holiday filled with family, food, friends and a few new toys.

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