Instagram is down …

A most interesting experience (instagram being down).

I wanted to check quickly some images before diving into this post on IG and got confronted with a message that I was logged out, because most probably because the account owner changed my password (great messaging IG, you can create a pandemic here) and so after the first panic attack,  I thought a glitch, and tried one of my many passwords, decided for a password reset, and ran into a few additional errors (did IG delete my account for not posting enough pictures lately or was I truly hacked ?!?) when I decided to go to twitter, and find the world was not going down. Everyone else (or at least quite a few folks) were tweeting the same first world issue. Life is good and there must be hope I can access IG later on.

Anyway, anxiety and panic attacks aside, we now reached our full list of Stuck In Plastic Book Exchange Friends. Registration is closed and everyone that registered is in, we don’t have to make any hard calls :)

Here are the numbers.

We are with 18 in total and have have a nice mix of blind dates and all ins, so this is going to be a great experience.

We will be sending an email later on this week (latest during the weekend, so stay tuned) to all eighteen participants with next steps and actually address details on where to sent all the books to (anyone with a concern on address exchange in the close group, contact us or shout out below).

Here are already the overall guidelines.

All Ins should count on 15 books to sent each.
Blind Dates should count on six books each.

We should really aim to get the books to each other before Xmas, which normally means get them all stamped up by the 15th December latest as postmen are pretty busy during this period. If you cant make the Xmas tree for whatever reason, really do aim for January 1st.

Sending books after January 1st will be considered late.

This is a very personal exchange between old and new friends. I really, really enjoyed all the personal notes and dedications in all the books I received last year and I cannot wait to see what this year will bring.
More to come to a mailbox near you !


Last years haul of absolute awesomeness
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8 years ago

I just ordered 15! Like a child I am very excited about it and was impatiently waiting to get a confirmation on the number of books \o/

8 years ago

Yay! Ordered my 6 books (and a couple extras for me!) last night from blurb so am hoping they will make it before last posting dates! Excited!

8 years ago

Oh yeah!! Last monday I ordered my 6 books using the big discount of blurb. So… I’m very excited too, because is my first exchange XD

Shelly Corbett
8 years ago

I just put my order in for 20 books (a few extra for gifts). I was thrilled with how it turned out and I am super excited to get them in the mail to you all!


Doug Gary
8 years ago

Super excited! Finally got my first ever book (sample version) and will now order the 15 to share. Many thanks. I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone created.

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