A most creative weekend and a little registration link at the end …


A most creative weekend this time.  I managed to get some shooting done this weekend on a beautiful location with sub zero (Celsius that is) temperatures and a beautiful but ice-cold sun. It was cold, freezing cold, but at the same time it felt good to look through the viewfinder and find some creative ideas flowing in front of the lens. I most probably have to go back as some of the shots were not all that sharp and time was limited, but it did feel good to be out and about and do some creative shooting.

And this was just the beginning.

I finally got my hands on some cool new equipment (read iMac) for my little Studio and the first thing I did was migrate my Lightroom collection to its new home (after the official unboxing and vanilla activation). Hardware does age fast these days, and a little new workstation with some extra RAM seriously boost the productivity and moral (at least once it will be fully up and running, but installing everything from scratch is another creative cleansing experience I enjoy doing). So after the sub zero outdoors activities, I  got myself all excited to get my best of 2015 started (my previous workstation was becoming seriously slow and moving through my LR catalog was just painful to say the least, hence I did not yet make a real head start in the last few weeks, although one may also call this procrastination).

Anyway, no more excuses, as time is running out. I will follow the approach we took last year, and select my twelve photographs throughout 2015 I feel most connected with. My twelve significant ones, the one with a story to tell, a moment to share.

One thing I already know for sure is that this year it will include a set of strong women. Women I had the pleasure to shoot on location from Snoqualmie to L.A.  From the West Coast to the frozen fields of Sweden. Women with a story. A story I will share with you in my significant twelve of 2015.

From Snoqualmie to the frozen fields of Sweden ...
From Snoqualmie to the frozen fields of Sweden …


On to the more practical details. The best of 2015 photo challenge official sign up form is now available closed for you to sign up and participate. Please note the seats are limited (16 seats plus Mike, Shelly, Kristina and myself making the total number of participants twenty).

A quick summary of what the challenge is all about (only the highlights, do read the full post here):

  • You create your best of 2015 photo book.
  • You give a copy of your book to all participants and in return you get a copy of the other books in your mailbox.

Last year we had a relatively high complex model where you could say with whom you wanted to exchange, but this became to complex, and therefore we created three simple options you can choose from:

  • All In: Exchange with everyone. This is the most complete experience, and gives you nineteen beautiful and unique books (and some personal handwritten notes) in return. We understand this takes a financial commitment, as you not only need to create your own book, but also need to buy twenty books (each easily cost 15€) and then you need to handle shipping as well.
  • Blind Date: Exchange with random six. This gives you at least a flavour of the unique experience this is, while it saves a little on the budget and adds a thrill to the unknown. At least two random SiP members included.
  • SiP Only: Exchange only with the four of us. A more cost effective way to join the exchange for the very first time and get hooked for next year.

When you register you can select one of the three options, but please note that if we get more as twenty registrations, we will first keep all the “all in”, and work our way down so we get the most book experience.

Registration is open until the 1st December or until all seats have been taken (whatever comes first) and we will be working with a closed email distribution list to share the mailing details to everyone, so go ahead and sign up read the latest details here

So looking forward to be exchanging gifts with you all …


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8 years ago

Ohboyohboyohboy! Registration: check…

8 years ago

And i’m registered. :) Opted for the ‘blind date’ experience as I can’t quite stretch to 19 books! Super excited and ready to start building and sharing my book (assuming I get a spot!!)

8 years ago

Good timing. After some time procrastinating I spent my evening working on my best 12 and I was wondering when we’ll get more informations on how to proceed. Anyway I had in mind ordering a dummy book to see what would the result look like but had a nice surprise when trying to order it: the printing service I chose wants me to create a minimum of 20 page. I spent an hour looking for another service but there is also a minimum of 20 pages if not more. I thought to include additional pages with only text, like an… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Maëlick

Hope you don’t mind me responding! I had the same issue and ended up doing 26 pages (wouldn’t let me do 24 for whatever reason) – so each double page spread had a photo on one side and text on the other, with a couple pages at the back with some general conclusion! I was using snapfish but I’ve noticed the 20 page thing on a lot of the book making sites!

8 years ago
Reply to  Lizzi

Oh thanks how didn’t I think of that :D

8 years ago
Reply to  Maëlick

I chose a text/picture concept for my book as well so I also ended up with 26 pages. If you picked less than twenty pages the “book” would be far too thin. So excited about other concepts we’ll see this year though.

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