Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday, Young One !
May the Strawberry Fields Forever be with You !

It is not every day a founding member of our little creative collective is celebrating her birthday, yet today is such a day.
A special day.
Today is Shelly birthday, so let’s just shower her IG feed with some extra tender love and happy birthday wishes  …

[instagram-feed id=”21095071″ showcaption=false]

Happy Birthday, Shelly this Strawberry Milkshake is specially made for You !

Happy Birthday, Young One
Happy Birthday, Young One
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Shelly Corbett
8 years ago

Thank you Boris, many well wished were left on my feed, and on other feeds as well yesterday. I certainly felt the love of the community.

I treated myself to a photo adventure and went into the mountains and took a few photos. I learned a few things which I will share with the blog on my next post. I hope your weekend photo adventures are awesome!

Shelly xoxo

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