Ready for an epic event!

Hello, my name is Stefan and I´m stuck in plastic.

Now, that was easier than supposed to.

Little did I know when creating an account for this Instagram thing some four years ago where that road would lead me. It sure changed the way I was looking at the world around me.

A little Lego pic here and there, some Stormtroopers there, ok.

Then some three years ago things took another direction when I came across the feed of a Belgian from Sweden. Until then I thought feeling connected to Lego was a thing from days of old, childhood memories and all. But no, there were obviously other peolpe still spending time with and on it.

And what great images they shared…

Meanwhile this thing IG has become a very important part of social life. Sure I´m interacting on a daily basis with people from all over planet Earth. And I do enjoy stepping from digital life to interacting the old-fashioned way; writing postcards and letters, sending and receiving parcles with Lego, goodies and handwritten lines, even meeting people in person whom I´ve only known from my tiny little phone screen.

When I read about the LasVegasToyPhotoSafari I must admit I was sad and jealous because I definitely couldn´t join. Still it was great to see loads of posts from the event, reading about it and about how everyone enjoyed it.

Here I am on my way to that epic event called #baltictoysafari

So when the Stockholm event was announced I didnt´t hesitate to take part in a European toy photo safari. I´m impatiently waiting to meet a lot of people I´ve been following online for quite some time and whose works won´t stop to astonish me.

I´m still taking my pics with a cellphone. Still I´m hoping to learn a  lot more about shooting toy pics, about the theory as well as practile skills and tricks.

I´m definitely looking forward to meeting all these people in the wonderful country of Sweden.

To sharing a room with sea view with a sailmaker from Berlin.

To seeing Vaxholm.

To sharing good times with like-minded people who are stuck in plastic.

Just like me.

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