Ex nihilo nihil fit

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. A monument of grand stature in the middle of a desert, surrounded by miles and miles of sand, canyons and sunshine, this setting is what I missed last time there was an official gathering of toy photographers. An opportunity I was sad to see pass me by.

Now in august 2015, and a breath taking 8552 km from the desert of Nevada lies the capital of Sweden. This, dear friends, new and old, is the location of another toy photography gathering. A gathering midst the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm, with its rich history and historical remains dating back to long before 1000 AD, here you’ll find remains of ancient tombs, castle remains, monasteries, churches, castles, rune stones and petroglyphs – a place of stories.

This place of old is the location of a toy photographers gathering, where connections are made, and inspiration flows freely and laughter fills the air. A time and place for people with similar interests to get together and share the love for toys.

A time when we can all feel normal and at home, a time where we don’t have to feel odd.

This is where I’m heading, this time I’m not missing out.



The Latin language has a great saying; “Ex nihilo nihil fit” i.e. “Nothing comes from nothing”. This is a great reminder that hard work is always required in order to achieve something. One of the most effective ways to keep growing is to learn from others, people who set an example of what we can become, people who inspire us. Which is what human contact is all about. Inspiration.

This time, at this gathering, I have the opportunity to meet some inspiring people in real life whom all have a soft spot for the plastics and photography. I look forward to be inspired, educated, and to share experiences and ideas. To connect on a different level compared to what the Internet offers, to make life more rich and meaningful.

I am looking forward to this event where the toy photography community, professionals, amateurs, geeks, nerds i.e. normal people bring the digital community into the real world, beyond the screen.

East Mountain



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