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We were just hanging out with some cool folks earlier this week and when we brought up the topic of Bricks Culture they just bluntly admitted they did not hear of this fantastic magazine yet although we did mention it before here on the blog. It directly reminded us of the Effective Frequency of Communication. We personally believe in the magical number of seven, so please ignore this shout out if you are already the proud owner of a first edition of Bricks Culture.

Screenshot 2015-05-09 23.36.47(2)

If not, do read on or just head over to buy your paper copy here … (and yes, we do recommend you buy the paper copy over the digital one).

It is a good 140 pages thick and feels like one of those quality magazines you want to keep for your kids when they grow up. It is full of great articles to support even greater pictures (the only thing that is missing is the centerfold spread of an amazing build or photo, but I am sure even that will be added to a future release).

Screenshot 2015-05-09 23.35.41

This number includes an interview with our creative collective on our very first exhibition in Seattle and takes a deeper dive behind the scenes of the “Why” we did it.

In addition you will get some great content from other fantastic folks like Chris, Kim, Guy, Alex, James and Ai to just name a few.

So, go get your exclusive first edition of Bricks Culture and discover Why we went big …

Screenshot 2015-05-09 23.34.33


Get your printed copy here and support the fantastic folks behind this magazine that are joining us in taking plastic places …


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