Procrastination Vol.X (The Sunday Edition)

I must say I have reached new heights with avoiding work. This, even though I love my job! This weekend was horrible, I had so much to do, a deadline on monday, this and that, odds and ends… the list is long.

But what is it all about, really? I mean, working while avoiding work?

Think about a good meal with multiple servings. No, really! You are in the middle of a good meal, you may have eaten just a bit too much or you just want to savor the moment, you want to take a little breather before moving to the next course. What do you do? You wait, perhaps a sip of water or wine, but you have a little break. Even if your meal is just a plate of spaghetti and a ball of ice cream for dessert in a local pizzeria, the thing you do not want to do is get up and wash your teeth inbetween courses, you do it after the meal! You know how horrible ice cream tastes after brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste.

With work this means you do not want to leave your workbench and go do something entirely different before you reach dessert… deadline. If you feel the need to take a little break, you stay put, keep in the zone and work on something just a little different for a moment, but not too different, not toothpaste different. Then you carry on with the immersion intact but with a refreshed new palate… page.

For me this often means a quick photograph, a simple no-frills shot that I do not think about too much. Which, in turn, may generate new ideas. An hour or two, and then back to work, focused.

This is how I take breaks, this is procrastination to me.

Only, this time I don’t have a new photograph, there were too many moving parts. I did shoot something but, as it happens, these shots are allowed to fail. So, an oldie is in order, but taken during a severe state of circling around the deadline and I find the setting quite fitting.

Itchy Scratchy INSTAGRAM

And now, I’m done with this topic. There’s a limit to how much you can procrastinate on procrastination.  :)

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