Boba “Proto Fett” Challenge

If you have been following my Instagram feed for any length of time, you know I have certain characters I gravitate towards in my photography, and Star Wars characters rarely make an appearance. So why all the Boba “Proto Fett” images lately?

I, and an unknown number of other photographers, were asked to photograph this character in any way we see fit by the deadline April 27th. So I have been spending some time with dear Boba, getting to know him and thinking about his character. I even bought Slave I and spent an enjoyable few days building it.

A Boy and His Dog
A Boy and His Dog

[clickToTweet tweet=”Now it is time to pay the piper.” quote=”Now it is time to pay the piper.”] It is time to send two images off to these arbitrators of good taste and I know I am about to make a poor choice. My work (if it is chosen) will be displayed next to the work of (what I imagine to be) some pretty amazing photographers who all know how to shoot Star Wars, have a better handle on Photoshop and are, in all probability, better photographers than I am. Comparisons are bound to take place between my work and my fellow photographers and frankly I would like to look good.

And this is the quandary. I am purposefully not going to send my best images; I am choosing two that I feel better reflect me as a photographer. I want to be true to my work not the charecter. My work is not showy, it’s not going to blow your socks off, but maybe, just maybe, if I do my job well, you might feel something from that little piece of plastic beyond that first “wow” moment.

A Need For Speed
A Need For Speed

So today I want to share with you the three images I feel are my best effort. I know that by leaving one of these on the cutting room floor I am probably not doing myself any favors.


Have you ever felt that you are your own worst enemy?

Like Avanaut I seem to keep coming back to the same subjects, for him it is procrastination, for me it is clarity of vision. Here is an older post that might say it even better. 

In a true Freudian twist of fate, I lost my White “Proto Boba” not once but twice in the last three weeks. The first time I was lucky to find him in the dark on the sandy shores of Golden Gardens. But the second time I was not so lucky. While I did not lose the entire mini figure, his signature helmet is forever lost in the swamps of Magnuson Park. I guess we never did completely bond. 

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8 years ago

“No toys left behind!!!” I think all three images are stunning, Shelly.

Javier Sánchez
8 years ago

Love all three shots Shelly! the first 1st one would be more Star Wars related imho. the one with the Motorcycle is just awesome!!

David Rasmusson
8 years ago

Thanks for inviting us into the process, and don’t worry about the helmet: All things will find a way to where they are supposed to be.

About the images: The motorcycle has been done before. I feel like I keep seeing it over and over in different flows, and every time I scroll past it a little faster. It’s a technical shot but doesn’t talk to me like the other two do.

8 years ago

Always a pleasure to see your images before they are delivered to halls of fame, Shelly :) I strongly agree with both Javier and David. All 3 shots will always make to the top, the only way I could choose (if I had to) would be blind shooting one of them with an arrow. Yet, fans of the series (such as I) would relate more easily with the bounty hunter wandering in the fields of a recent battle, Fett on two wheels probably has the highest “wov effect”, and the boy fishing is like a balance between the story &… Read more »

8 years ago

Luv them all ! And so happy to see them here on Stuck In Plastic first. Good we all signed that NDA and keep a secret :)

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