Running up to the grand opening in Seattle, we (read Me2) will be using #FeatureFriday to call out those folks I do want to meet in Seattle, (see it like a public/private invite :))

Number one on my list is the king of wiener-dipping and burger shoots alike. I have been following Wiiman for the last three years and while I would have categorized Wiiman into the iPhone documentary category, it seems the event in Vegas took him to the next level …

Wiiman’s pictures are just getting better every day …

[instagram-feed id=”866326″ num=4 cols=4 showcaption=false]

Moving forward is just one element we all strive for, yet at the same time we all do carry the past and the legacy of our path with us.

And Wiiman carry such a person inside.
Her name is Zina.

She is a close friend of Wiiman who went out one day for a walk into our memories, leaving her friends and family behind with her legacy.

I know she left part of her legacy with Wiiman and I hope to catch a glimpse of her and carry her tinkering forward when I meet Wiiman in Seattle next month …

This #FF is dedicated to the tinkering of Zina Lahr 

PS. We all carry our past, roots and legacy inside of us … we should make sure we carry them on to the next generation as a fumbled photograph with folded corners in the back of your diary …

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9 years ago

Aw, thanks for sharing this video of Zina! I had only read one article about the loss of this amazing person, but this video gives so much more context to who she was and what she did with her life. Incredible.

9 years ago

Thank you for sharing Zina’s uniqueness. <3

– wiiman

9 years ago

Wonderful. Zina has touched the lives of many. I very blessed that I got to meet Zina and her mom on 3 different occasions. She will live on I. Our memories and creative minds.

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