March of the Walkers

In LEGO, We Connect …

Only a good month to go to our very first art exhibition in Seattle and things are coming together … (what a great way to say we are all super excited, super nervous and …)

We have a name and it is no longer a working title but a reality and YOU are the first to know:

In LEGO, We Connect …

We (read our fantastic hosts over in the Bryan Ohno Gallery) have our very first In LEGO, We Connect -Press Release-Final out and we are connecting the dots and getting the word out in our first wave of social communications and this is where YOU can help us. Yes, YOU !!!

Spread the word, share the love, tell your great aunt and long lost school love about our exhibit and lets indeed connect through LEGO.

Lets meet up in Seattle, in person or through friends and lets make this the best start of 2015 ever …

Full details are available here

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