Land Ahoy

Only 4 nights until we hit the long haul overseas to the other side of the world. Only 7 nights and a little to the grand opening in  Seattle.

The prints have been selected, viewed, reviewed, reprocessed and sent to our friends at the color group and I cannot wait to see the result in Seattle on Saturday (yes, I still get a chance to see them in real live before you all do and I may still make a run for it).

The moo cards have been ordered with some works from the show and should arrive in Seattle just in time for the opening (what do you mean that name cards are so of the eighties ?),  the supporting booklet I always envisioned to make as that little extra has finally been sent to the printing office and if everything goes well should arrive in that same city somewhere next week before the opening.

The laundry is done, the tux is ironed, the crew is excited and … I must be forgetting a million things not yet done (note to self, we need to pack).

The grand opening is coming closer, and I would be lying if I am not thrilled to say the least and at the same time slightly nervous (read pretty very much nervous).


The thrills of new adventures and the big unknown.

Land Ahoy, Seattle here we come.

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9 years ago

The EPIC Adventure awaits you… Good luck!

9 years ago
Reply to  Margaret

Thanks Margaret.

I know it will be awesome, but still, you know … a tiny little bit nervousness :)

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