If you are a regular reader of this blog then you have heard me mention the Las Vegas toy photography meet up for several months. I even wrote a series of posts about some of the people who I was excited to meet. This past weekend all that planning and anticipation paid off in four fun filled days in Las Vegas, Nevada, when 12 toy photographers met up to take photos, eat, share and even toy shop together for the amazing #vegastoyphotosafari.

Day one started out slowly as people trickled into town. While a few early birds managed to sneak off for some location scouting and toy photography in the desert the rest of us checked in to the Flamingo Hotel and got settled.  Later that evening we all met up for dinner at In ‘n Out burgers which turned out to be the perfect place for some casual conversation and of course a few toy photos.

Group photo courtesy of Wikitoybox

No, Las Vegas convention would be complete without lanyards and our good friend Cindy (@coney_dogg) surprised us all with custom lanyards so we would fit right in with all the other visiting conventioneers.

Photo courtesy of Brickandmordor

On day two we headed out to the desert together to photograph at Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area. It was a beautiful sunny day and the red rocks and desert scenery where a wonderful back drop for our toys. {A big thank you to Dennis (@krash_overide), Josh (@papajov) and Dean (@dean80s)} for providing transportation!) The time flew by as we moved to different locations in the park taking advantage of the scenery and changing light.

Image courtesy of Bricksailboat

After dinner we met up in one of the hotel rooms for a more intimate evening of sharing toys, prints and laughter. Josh surprised us that evening with a toy raffle. Names were pulled from a “hat” and toys were chosen by the winners. It was interesting to see what toys people picked, there were even a few unexpected choices made. We also enacted our photo print exchange. Everyone was instructed to bring 20 copies of one image and we would exchange prints. I think we all agreed this was a great way to remember everyone and the work that they do.

Image courtesy of xxSJC

On day three our local contact Sean (@amptoys_2), took us to an abandoned lot in downtown Vegas were several houses where covered in graffiti.  This was an interesting location choice because it encouraged most of us to stretch beyond our comfort zones. Watching each photographer approach this unique environment was interesting and several of us commented how much of a challenge it was.

After that we hit the toy stores, three of them. It was fun to watch the veteran toy collectors approach the toys and make their purchases. Those of us new to toy collecting or strictly Lego, learned a lot about collecting and the sheer variety of toys on the market. Between the raffle and the shopping I think everyone went home with more toys than they arrived with.

Josh and Cindy go shopping! Image courtesy of brickandmordor 

By day four we had lost a few of our attendees due to differing travel schedules, so the last of the die hards decided to go back out to the dessert for one last photo adventure. Since this was our third day of shooting together there was no awkwardness. Everyone settled into the environment with their toys and got to work. Occasionally we would compare notes, show a recent photo we where proud of or join our toys up in some group photos. It was a very productive and enjoyable morning.

Now it was time for our final goodbyes. Already there had been lots of hugs and big smiles as we looked back on our action packed weekend. Luckily this bittersweet parting was made palatable as plans were already being made for future get togethers.

This event was incredibly successfull for all involved! We all left Las Vegas richer in friends and photographs; the two things that make the Instagram toy community so special.

~ xxSJC

Below is an Instagram feed of the photos we took over these four days. Since most of us took hundreds of photos this tag will continue to grow over the next few weeks and months as we post our edited photos. I hope you will continue to check back and see all the photos as the #vegastoyphotosafari tag grows. 

"Business, business, business, numbers. Is this working? Yes!!" Who else would I travel to the #vegastoyphotosafari with?? Im hoping she brings me good luck!! If you want to follow the adventure just check out this tag. Almost everyone is on their way or arrived already and the fun is just beginning. Have a great weekend everyone!! ...

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Bizness Kitty thinks the "Meet and Greet" at the local In 'n Out is a great way to start the weekend. Taking photos wiiman style. #vegastoyphotosafari ...

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Grandma had a good night! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ One of the fun benefits in participating in the #vegastoyphotosafari was feeding off the creativity of this amazing group of photographers. I would never have thought to take this photo, but if you follow the tag over the next few weeks and months I'm pretty sure you will see some more interesting hotel hallway shots. A big thank you to all my fellow photographers who took the leap of faith and came to this epic weekend!! ...

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Even Deadpool has a little excess baggage. #MarvelousDC #vegastoyphotosafari ...

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I was very excited to find these vintage lego friends at one of the toy stores we visited last weekend. What do you do with new toys? Photograph them immediately of course!! #vegastoyphotosafari ♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻️♻ Stuckinplastic.com: An Oasis in the Desert. We had so much fun in Las Vegas we had to write about it twice. Today's post is by guest contributor dinoczars. I hope you will check it out. ...

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5 years ago

An excellent time was had by all!

5 years ago

Looks like a grand time was had by all!

5 years ago

A very great summary! Looking forward to seeing all the awesome images unfold. I love how we were all doing our own things, but were in the same place. ps. That Toy Shack photo is mine! ;)

Matías (amwfotos)
Matías (amwfotos)
5 years ago

What a great summary! It looks like you all had a lot of fun!!