A New Hope

2015 is slowly taking off and we had a fantastic private shoot last night with Darth and our Creative Crew in The Studio™for Lord Vader new selfie in 2015.
A shoot where we spent afterwards some time in the green room looking back  at  some of the adventures we head together across the years.

One great adventure that brought fond memories back with the complete crew was last-last years Xmas shoot (so two years ago) leading up to the fantastic fourteen post on Instagram:

[instagram-feed type=hashtag hashtag="#me2andthefantasticadventus" cols=3 showcaption=false showlikes=false]

A shoot that left great memories, and most probably one wide piece from this series will make it into our art show later on in March.

Darth was pretty convincing it should be him on the bike, while Lady Red thought she should be the one as she started the whole story with giving the letter to that mysterious bounty hunter in the first place.


The Love Story - I

A discussion that did not come to closure yet, and we would be very interested to hear from you which one of the two you like best and why ? Looking forward to your thoughts here in the comments.

One thing the Crew was unanimous about was the need for another epic adventure even bigger and better coming to a theater near you.

So there is new hope for 2015 with epic adventures just around the corner and real live art expositions just a few months down the road, bridging the past and the future.

Taking plastic places.

There is another more personal bridge to make between the real live world and being stuck in plastic, but I promise you that is for our next post.

Stay tuned and let us know which one is your favorite widescreen. Lady Red or Darth on his bike.


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9 years ago

Both are great… But, I’m partial to Darth on his bike :-)

9 years ago

Why choose?

9 years ago

Both are wonderful! I like Darth on the bike slightly more because the background is more interesting but I agree with Shelly, you should print both :-)

Brick Sailboat
9 years ago

I’m going with Darth as I am so thankful the kickstand is up on that bike…so many minifigs ride around these days with the kickstand down – so dangerous!!! Or is it down to the letter in the pic right-side up vs. down…who’s Henry!?!?!

9 years ago

Darth for me too, the background details make it more of a storybook, which is more appealing.

I loved these photos when they were published, and the idea of segmenting a larger image. But I’m not sure about the washed out / colour cast on them. Was there a particular reason for doing that?

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