The Photo Challenge Books Begin to Arrive!

Photo courtesy of @Herrsm

The books created for the Best of 2014 Photo Challenge are starting to arrive. I have seen several posts on IG featuring books by both Me2 and myself so I know they are arriving at their destinations.  I have received a handful myself and I can understand the enthusiasm that the recipients feel. Opening each book is a true gift; a gift of the heart.

These little books are packed with memories, back stories, unique presentations and of course lots of outstanding photographs. Each book reflects the individual creator, but they also represent everything good about our toy photography community. In short they are amazing!

The stories I have read within their pages reflect the camaraderie, the joy, the relationships and the common experiences that bind us together. I am pretty sure that Me2 and I are the true winners in this endeavor because we will receive eight to nine books each. A veritable treasure trove of photography goodness.

So to everyone who took the plunge and created a book I thank you for making this a truly special holiday.

~ xxsjc

There where seven participants in the book exchange; Sweden (2), Germany (1), Turkey (1),  Columbia (1), United States (3), Belgium (1)

Should we do this again? If so, how often?  

If we do this again, would you like the opportunity to exchange with everyone who participates? 

Photo courtesy of @sandi_gee
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9 years ago

I think that this was a wonderful idea, and I do hope you’ll do it again. Maybe I’ll be able to take enough photos this year to have enough for a “best of” ☺

9 years ago

I finally get to comment! ;) I would LOVE the opportunity to exchange with other who participate! I am quite jealous that you’ll be the recipient of so many photo books! Maybe you can bring them to Vegas to share?!

9 years ago

I got mine from Germany yesterday, together with a beautiful long letter of Stephan. Really enjoyed it.

I know my booklets made it to Sweden, Germany and looking at the shot above even to the other side of the States. Looking forward to get some more in my mailbox !

I definitely want to do it again.


9 years ago

Oh my, this has been such an inspiration- I definitely want to do this again. For me exchanging books around the end of the year is fine. And yes, next time I’d love to swap with all who’ll take part! Thank you again, Shelly and Me2, for starting this

Lyn Miller-Lachmann
9 years ago

I hope you do this again. Next time, I won’t have signed up to judge a contest that involves my reading 130 books in two and a half months, so I’ll probably have time to participate.

9 years ago

My second and third book arrived today. I am soooo happy with them.

We will for sure do this again and do a bigger “wrap up” post once the other books have dropped in.

So far, from my end big thanks to and !

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