CC: Censorship and Copyright

There are a few things that can get you in trouble these days.

The excessive use of naked boobs and the elaborated use of corporate owned brand items which are considered part of our day to day lives, like Stormtroopers, Armani suits and LEGO bricks.

Those of you that have traveled along with me the last few years will know that I care a lot about these CC (censorship and copyright) topics and will not step away from a healthy battle with big Inc. on this and  jump the barricades of protests.

It has been a topic that I silently protest by tagging most of my working titles with a simple to show a silent inobedience with some of the principles of big Inc. while recognizing that almost everything in our world is trademarked, protected and copyrighted by the same big Inc. we all work for in one way or the other.

So, when Shelly posted the battle of Christoffer in Seattle of the “small” artist against big Inc. Pinterest I could only support the idea, yet I was baffled at the same time.

We should be happy our work is being shared, it is all about the true CC, the Creative Commons, even if Pinterest is making money of it.

It is about other people liking our work, sharing it, printing it, using it as their desktop image and being our biggest promoters, ambassadors, LEGO junkies and lovers alike, spreading the word.

But it fails.

We seem to be caught up in the classic battle of big Inc. ourselves trying to protect an age old copyright idea that is out dated and not working. We seem to be battling for the pennies while the true holy grail is ahead of us.

When Google and Siri can answer all my questions, why can a smart engineer in Silicon Valley not come up with a universal creative commons widget that shows the real artist who shot the picture and make that the universal standard on the web regardless where my picture is shown.

The algorithm shouldn’t be that difficult as big Inc. already uses it to traces their own copyrighted material and our jpeg contain a lot of exif data already.

I love my pictures to be shown everywhere, and a simple loop back to me as the original artist would solve a lot of these discussions as the intrinsic “likes” of our images being shared would be a correct value of its popularity and influence (and we we can then even talk dollars later) and would get rid of that ugly watermark on our pictures at the same time.

Just like the film and music industry (and their artists) had to rediscover their distribution model in the last few years (just think about itunes, you tube, spotify, netflix, or google for that matter, … ) and rethink the classical questions of copyright protection, so should we also see what the new digital era and easy availability of professional grade glass and cameras and usage of images means to our industry, and our artistic rights.

Images will be shared, images will be copied, and people will forget to credit. We can fight it with big ugly logos and ugly copyrights, or sent invoices to the big Inc. who used our image and take them to court.

Or we could start thinking out of the box and spread the love of our photos with a creative commons and see what the future can do for us.

I am a big believer of embracing the CC model and see what the future can do for us.

What about you ?

Any valley developer out there that is willing to change the world and make this universal CC widget ?

Are you already sharing your work with a CC license and make it work for you ?



The featured picture was shot on IG in 2012 as a silent protest for IG blocking boobs shots while they were recognized as truly artistic value and actually just showed the work of Daniel Josefsohn.

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