Best of 2014 Photo Challenge

It is that time of year when I turn my thoughts to assembling a photo album of pictures I have taken of my children during the past 12 months. This is a tradition I started nine years ago with the birth of my second child. Each book is an epic adventure in its own right, but all the books together is mind blowing. For my 17 year old daughter, it is her most cherished Christmas gift.

After a Twitter conversation with Arby of @Worldofminifigs regarding her annual calendar, I was wondering if this might not be a good exercise for my Lego photography as well. Why not start with 2014 and create a small book of my favorite 12 images that I can then share with my family and friends? You know, the special ones that have been supportive throughout the year.

But I want to add a twist to this project; I want you to do it too.

…and then I want us to swap them.

I want to share my photos with you and I want you to share yours with me. Why?

  • We can feed the Marketing Beast together.
  • It is good practice to edit your images.
  • These images could be the seeds of a future photography show.
  • It is a great way to look back and appreciate your year in photography.
  • We can move one step closer to making our internet friends into real life friends.
  • Create an inexpensive holiday gift for friends and family alike.
  • A tangible way to show people what your passion is.

Not to mention that if we keep doing this every year, making a book of our12 favorite / best images, we will have a great archive and a tangible view of our progress. There is no substitute to seeing your images printed in a book or framed on a wall to give a real sense of accomplishment.

If you accept my challenge, please leave your intentions in the comments below. I will keep you up to date on my progress. Ideally, I will have all books printed and mailed before December 15th.

I hope you will accept my challenge and share your photography with me because I want to share my photography with you.

~ xxsjc

I wonder if I can persuade +Me2 and Avanaut to join in?
This challenge is open to anyone who has been a friend of this blog, not just toy photographers. 

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9 years ago

I would like to participate. How do I do so? (also, if you get a double-post, it is because something goofed and didn’t accept my post. lol.)

Shelly Corbett
9 years ago
Reply to  DJYoshaBYD

Great! I think I will limit the size to no greater than 8″ x 6″ to keep costs down. Your book needs to include 12 images plus a cover. If you haven’t done this before I will talk about where to get them printed in an upcoming post. We can exchange address down the road. I am very happy you are joining in the fun and I look forward to seeing your favorite images!

Åsa Haglund
9 years ago

I would love to join! but as you know i do only a tiny bit of toy pics…(and if you get two post from me it’s because i wrote one this morning but i can’t see it now so i guess something went wrong…)

Shelly Corbett
9 years ago
Reply to  Åsa Haglund

Asa this is open to non Toy Photographers. It would be interesting to see how you would edit a years worth of photos into your best 12, or 12 that told a particular story. You could also wind up your husband to participate. :D

9 years ago

I would love to do this but it will depend on time/money/convenience factors… Looking forward to the book-making logistics in your next post…

Shelly Corbett
9 years ago
Reply to  Leila

Leila, I did some research and it will cost you between 15 and 25 dollars depending on who you choose to publish it. I think time will be a bigger factor for you. More info to come…

9 years ago

This sounds very interesting… looking forward to more info.

Shelly Corbett
9 years ago
Reply to  MaggieGem

Maggie, what additional information do you need? It would help me formulate the next blog post about this.

Lyn Miller-Lachmann
9 years ago

I would have done this, except I stupidly volunteered for an award committee that requires me to read 180 books (or as many of those as I can get my hands on) by December 29. I’m up to 51. Yay!

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