Are you ?

Exploring Stone Mountain, GA, USA.
One cannot sneak away on a secret mission for 11 days without expecting some creative mischief from Shelly here on Stuck In Plastic.
What started as a simple quote from Sir Adams on your 12 significant ones is turning into a full fledged artistic exchange program for the friends of Stuck In Plastic to celebrate the best of 2014.
Count me in.
It is not to feed The Beauty Shelly has just discovered in her latest book, it is just I genuinely love these little books, I have been pushing it forward because of lack of time and focus. 
And I do love the exchange of crazy adventures as some of you may remember.
So, no more excuses.
The power of now.
I am in.
In order to help us getting this epic photo exchange better organized, I created a simple form where you can leave your name, adress, email and if you want to exchange with Shelly, me or with both of us and get double awesomeness in your mailbox to enjoy.
So here is a simple recap:
We all create our best 12 pictures of 2014 book (full details available in this post and this one).
You sign up in this form here 
You select with whom you want to exchange.
We sent you the adress details where to sent your book to.
We (Shelly, me or both of us) sent you our respective books by December 15th.
We keep you all updated here in our blog.
I am in.
Are you ?
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