How a Lego Photo is Born

My son and I were fooling around with lego the other day and looking through his Master Builder Academy books and I came across this mini build for a cool camera. Needless to say, I whipped one up pronto.  It immediately reminded me of Weegee, so I made him too. Now if you’re going to make a Speed Graphic camera and a figure who looks like Weegee out of Lego, then the next logical step is to set up murder scene.
…and that is how a lego photo is born.  
I’m sure this is going to lead somewhere interesting, I hope you will stick around to find out where.  
– xxsjc 

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Neighbors of Wellington Hills

Nice … checking out your blog and immediately saw “Weegee”… very cool even if there’s no cigar!

Now, what about Ansel and Seattle’s own Imogen?

Fun stuff.

7 years ago

I always enjoy myself when one thing leads to another the way you describe it here … sometimes it feels like this is one of the ways in which pictures multiply.

7 years ago
Reply to  Tobias

Thanks for joining in the conversation, Tobias!

I really like your worlds within words series and added your blog to our list of blogs to explore. I hope you don’t mind. Shooting small people is on my bucket list. One day :)

7 years ago
Reply to  Boris

Do I mind? On the contrary – I feel absolutely honoured: thank you! I am sure I’ll return here to do some more reading because I am relatively new to the toy photography genre (I began with miniature animals last year) – and the articles are both inspiring and helpful.

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