A most hectic week is coming to an end.

From crazy staff meetings with Darth on the latest flavor of the marshmallows being served in the Canteen on the Death Star to visiting other big Inc. headquarters near the origin of mankind in Europe in the surroundings of Heidelberg.

One question has been brewing in my mind since our epic journey came to an end and new adventures are kicking in.

A very simple question.

A question that goes back to the old philosophers in the ancient world and beyond.

A question Simon (re)introduced and made easy in the corporate world when he spoke at TED a while back when he talked about the golden hour circle.

A question that we should all ask ourselves.

A question we do talk often about in our posts and in our talks.


Why are we shooting little plastic pieces most people call toys ?
Why are we going to great lengths in getting that right piece of brick ?
Why do we put our friends and family in awkward situations when we go to great lengths to get that fantastic shot ?
Why do we give selfies to our close friends and believe our pictures should be stuck to a wall.

We are not the first to shoot plastic.
We are not unique in our photography.
We are not the rich and famous.

Yet, we believe that being stuck in plastic here with you is the right thing, even if we don’t have all the answers yet.


That is indeed the question.

A question we will be exploring in more details the coming weeks.

From neocortex to art statement.
From limbic to printing big.
From IG to RL.

Stay Tuned.

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Stefan Matthies
9 years ago

This simple question is on of the oldest yet simplest ones.
(Guessing “42” was another answer, yet inappropriate here)
To get a satisfying answer I´d like to add a “Does it make you happy?” to your answer, B., and soon it´ll (hopefully) all make sense…

9 years ago

Happy is indeed a key component of the why, Stefan.
At least for me.
If not the key ingredient for me, it is one of the most important ingredients in the mix and I am planning to have a dedicated post on “Happy” in the near future …

Stefan Matthies
9 years ago

Oh my…
-just watched Simon´s speech on TED. Thank you for telling me about the golden circle!
It feels like something I have known for years but couldn´t speak out ;-) Silly me.

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