I’m Fiddling While Rome Burns

As I watch world events unfold in the media I continue to take and edit photographs of toys. This feels a little bit like playing the fiddle while Rome burns.

I have no answers to the many crises that face the world right now…all I know is that it all seems to be building at a rather quick pace. Yes, I do know that our world has always been fraught with a certain about of war and conflict – but right now there seems to be a heightened sense of impending doom. It feels as if we are poised at the edge of something ominous and dangerous.

Is it right to be spending energy taking toy photographs and trying to creating art that makes people smile? Am I turning a blind eye to the elevated levels of human misery on this planet because it is easier?

I have no answers to anything right now. I am not looking for justification to my behavior, but I do wonder if my time could be better spent on a worthier endeavor.

~ xxsjc

Since the toy community spans the globe, do you think about your internet friends who may be in living in danger? 
Does local or world events effect your work? 

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Jon Aiken
9 years ago

Local and world events affect me and my life, but not my work. At least not in an immediate way. My art is usually in process before an event could reroute it.It is possible that in a larger way, I am slowly reacting to world events and the evolution of my art could mirror those events. I’m not sure.The only thing I am sure of is that my art can’t solve the worlds problems, but it can help solve mine, which enables me to help the world when and where I can.My creative outlet and artistic vision are critical to… Read more »

Shelly Corbett
9 years ago
Reply to  Jon Aiken

Thanks for you’re reply Jon. As always it is well thought out. I realize that creating art is an activity that benefits the creator more than the viewer. Only time will tell us how world events are going to play out. And in this new world where we (or at least some of us) realize how interconnected we are maybe the outcome will be better. In the mean time I have some photos to edit and weapons to make.

David Grewcock
9 years ago

Interesting post.I agree with Jon – our creative process can go someway to pacifying ourselves and preventing the “inner demons” from creating our own issues to deal with,Additionally, our creative work can also provide an small oasis of calm and happiness away from whatever events others are dealing with – whether they are personal or from world/local events.I would also add that there are so many events out there that there is a need to recognise that we can’t help everyone (and in some cases, by helping one we are not resolving the situation), but if there is a cause… Read more »

Shelly Corbett
9 years ago
Reply to  David Grewcock

David, thank you for joining the conversation. All your points are valid and I realize that I can’t effect most of the issues that dominate the world stage. But I can use my photography to keep myself grounded and happy diversion for others. But in the mean time as many of us become connected via social media we need to realize that we are all in this together. We only have one planet and we need to work together to keep everyone on it safe; one friend at a time.

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