Fly Me To The Moon

Earlier this year I said that in the LEGO universe all sets that are space-related are my absolute favorites. Please let me extend my statement: Every space-related set AND part of the LEGO Ideas theme are my most favorite sets. (Yes, of course, the Monster Fighters do have a special place in my … Continue reading


No. Cards is not the new word of the month. The new word is coming later this month. Cards is a project. A year-end project in the good old SiP tradition you can join in. Cards are the new book exchange. Easier, simpler and back to the roots. Acoustic. What is it all about? We started a few years … Continue reading

A new photo challenge

It is a (t)wrap. October is a wrap. November is good and well underway. So it is time to get creative again after our little art exhibition on Bricklive last week (thanks, Mark and the team for having us). What better way to get the creativity flowing, than with a simple photo challenge. A … Continue reading

#SiPgoesScotland2017 at Bricklive

Life. If you follow the blog, you might have noticed that not much happened in the past week. Julien is on a non-disclosed island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Boris is hanging out on some Big Inc. event in Amsterdam, Stefan is deep down in new challenges, and well, Maelick is crunching numbers … Continue reading