Disney train station review

This summer I received the new Disney train station set to photograph from our friends at LEGO.

It took me more than 6 hours to build it and it was such a pleasure! As you may know, I’m not an AFOL (I’m more into skeleton toys) but I must admit that building a big LEGO set is something. One brick with another brick, with another brick and suddenly there is a wall, and then a complete floor! Yes, that was a nice building experience.

I can’t say if I preferred building the train or the train station.

The train

The train is composed of 4 different pieces. First, the locomotive with old vintage colors: red, green and gold. With Mickey driving it, so cute.

After the locomotive, there is the tender hiding the electric motor. We can run the train with an app, I didn’t test it yet, but I will probably write something about it once I try it. It’s simple but it has that old retro look that I like so much.

Then comes my favorite train piece, an open carriage to carry passenger around. It’s so beautiful with theses white and blue stripes on the roof. Dale is waiting for passengers to jump in.

The second carriage has a beautiful retro look, with platforms on bot side.

One side of the carriage can be removed, to show the interior, a cozy red sitting room. When not working, Chips’n Dale take a good cup of tea here.

The train station

The Disney train station is a quite huge piece and it’s not easy to photograph it. On the outside of the building, we have a nice European style.

I like this old look with red bricks, grey stones on the edge and the light roof.

Minnie is waiting for the train to enter the train station

On the inside of the train station, the ground floor is the reception, with all you need to wait for your train. Goofy is here to answer all passengers questions.

The first floor with huge red curtains.

On the right, we can find on the right a cozy waiting room.

Under the roof, what a surprise to find a LEGO set of the Disney castle!


This set is cute and the train rails will make some happy kids and grownup, for sure. But it has been difficult for me to take pictures of this set, mainly because I’m more used to shoot tiny skeleton rather than big LEGO sets (I will probably write something about it later!).

Did you already have bought it? Do you plan to buy it? Or order it for Christmas?

Willhelm Röntgen

Willhelm Röntgen, also known as Conrad to his friends, is the german inventor and Nobel Prize winner of my wife’s camera of choice. She (my wife, not Conrad) is a professional studio photographer working with kids, and so when we were looking at great scientists and inventors to include in our SiPgoes53 series, Willhelm went straight to the shortlist. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the inventor of the X-Ray camera and inspiration to the 111th element, roentgenium.

There are many other interesting pieces in Willhelm’s life that can inspire you in this week’s episode of SiPgoes53. From being falsely accused and expelled from high school in Utrecht without a diploma, over a marriage of true love to being a big believer of free and open source research without patents.
My inspiration in Wilhelm story is my wife the unknown.
The hidden message.
The image that is hidden from one’s eye.
The limitations overcome.

Our First X-Ray

The first time Wivi took an image of a sealed minifig bag was in January 2012. She needed some extra materials to calibrate her big camera at work, and good old Me2 (my plastic alter ego) posted it on IG.

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Sir Ray X.

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Fast forward

Since W. is working with kids and big cameras need some calibration once in a while, it has been great fun to look inside sealed bags and keep that pristine untouched feeling, yet being 100% sure of what is in it.

A sneak preview into Party Series last year …

And when we earlier this year were looking how we could shoot the NASA Eagle in a different way, Wivi took it to work and came back with this wonderful homage to both Wilhelm Röntgen and the NASA crew.

And here is a behind the scene of the magic at work in Wivi’s studio, Astrid Lindgrens Children hospital.

So what will inspire you in this weeks person?

Will you explore the LEGO Hospital 60204 second floor which has a full-blown X-Ray department, or will you go beyond the obvious and maybe bring in some space ships and X-Ray guns. Your imagination is the limit. Be inspired by what you cannot see. And believe, like Wilhelm, in your dreams…

Photomarathon in Brno

It was the 15th of June, around 32°C in the shade in Brno. I was walking in the city center and searching for ideas and photos during a photomarathon.

What is a photomarathon?

This one was organized by Zoner Press, which is a publishing house. In the morning, they drew 5 words, which the participants should photograph in 5 hours in the order they were drawn. The words were emotion, game/play, color contrast, zebra and drought/dryness. (It’s a bit complicated to translate because of the possible wordplay in Czech.)

Before the time ran out, the participants were supposed to bring their SD card that contained only the correct photos in the correct order, a photo of their registration card in JPEG format and nothing else. The photos could be edited only in camera.

The idea is to make the process as simple as possible, photography in its “purest form”. The photos then were rated based on the correspondence to the word, imaginativeness/resourcefulness, originality, technical quality. They are rated by a jury. I have no idea how many people were part of the jury or who they were. It was at least the two organizers that I met on the site, but also some that rated remotely, from what the present organizers said.

My registration card which was supposed to be the first photo of the day

Photo Ideas

I was thinking about doing the photos one at a time and only start thinking about the next one after I finish the current one. But I feared that I wouldn’t have enough ideas and will get stuck on a word. So first I sat down on a bench to think about it and take some notes.


For the first word, emotion, I was thinking about maybe happy? Or sad? Is love an emotion? Maybe a minifig with some emotional face? And I thought then – wedding!

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Week 37 – Nicole Kidman

This week’s human being of SiPgoes53 is Nicole Kidman.

This week I realized how much time has passed since we came up with our list of human beings. To be honest, I couldn’t really remember for which reason we chose her.

Without a doubt, Nicole Kidman is an iconic Hollywood actress… But trying to think about photo ideas, my memory failed me. I had a hard time remembering in which movie she played in, despite a rather long list of movie appearance on Wikipedia. I could remember her in Betwitched (in my opinion, a quite forgettable movie) and as the bad gal in Paddington (that one I can warmly recommend). And of course Moulin Rouge.

So my idea for this week was to have my little Elves open a cabaret in the forest and start dancing cancan… But somehow, no matter how much they tried, it seems no minidoll could figure out how to do it.

No cancan for Aria but at least she found the proper clothes for dancing. Now she needs to figure out how to move her legs…

The Elves’ Treehouse

Last month, I got the chance to take part in a photo collaboration with LEGO on the new LEGO Ideas Treehouse. Thus, I got the opportunity to build and photograph this beauty before it was publicly unveiled. And it ended up being quite a surprise. (That said, it wasn’t the total surprise I was excepting. Like most people, I saw the leaked images that were circulating online while the set was on its way to Finland.)

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A first impression

The new series collectible minifigures is upon us, and it is time to take a first look at what is inside the limegreen box of 71025. Sixty sealed bags with sixteen individual minifigures to collect. This box normally contains three full sets, but our box actually only contained two, but more on that later.

This series is really a mixed bag of characters and so without further ado we will dive in our first impressions of those 16 characters.

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Our Friends at Central Perk.

For those who don’t know what the television series Friends is all about ….. (which I can hardly imagine), here is a quick intro:

The series revolves around a group of six friends: Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Monica Geller, Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani and Phoebe Buffay. They are all in their twenties and they live and work in Manhattan, New York in the nineties (there were 10 seasons with the first one released in 1994) .
The ups and downs of the characters take place in their apartments and Central Perk, a coffee house around the corner.

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Week 35 – Christo and Jeanne-Claude

When we were looking for creative people for our #SiPgoes53 adventure a colorful image of pink islands jumped to my mind, and I added Christo to the list. It was early eighties when I saw an image that made an impression on me. I must have been 12 or thirteen years old, and saw this image in one of those glossy photographique magazines that were laying around our house all the time.
How cool was it to wrap islands with pink plastic fabrique.

Surrounded Islands, Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida, 1980-83
Photo: Wolfgang Volz
© 1983 Christo
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The Best of the LEGO Jurassic World 2019 sets

I went to Denmark with a rather detailed (and long) list of the sets I wanted to buy while visiting the P-Shop. On top of that list, the complete series of new Jurassic World sets. I’ve spent my summer with all of them in my backpack. I even went on a road trip along the coast of Helgeland with them.

One of my first photo with the new Triceratops, taken during our fun challenge #ToyPhotographersDoItBetterTogether on the last day, in collaboration with @gehrkesven.

In this post, I want to share what inspires me photographically in the following sets:

I won’t go into all the details but focus on what I liked to photograph. If you’re looking for a full-fledge review, you can probably find one on Brickset which list both text and video reviews.

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