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The Creative Collective of Toy Photographers

Stuck In Plastic is a creative collective of toy photographers with a not so secret passion for all things LEGO. With our crew of nine and the ever expanding circles of friends, we explore the wonderful world of toy photography every single day .

Our crew organizes weekly creative challenges on our Discord and Instagram channels and hosts virtual workshops where new and seasoned toy photographers from all over the world explore the whimsical world of toy photography.

At least once a year we leave the digital screens behind us and organize a  real live exhibitions somewhere in the world to share our work and connect with people who also have a passion for beautiful toy photography.

Cape Town, Seattle, Daejon, Stockholm, Birmingham, Paris, Skaerbaek, London, Billund, Hamburg and now in Copenhagen at LEGO World 2022.


TGIF 2023

Every week we have a new creative toy photography challenge for you which we share on our Discord on Monday and release on Friday on IG ... c'se every day is a Friday.

Summer Exhibition

Stuck In Plastic is having a summer exhibition in Vita Magasinet in Sweden of the In Focus book with work from all the participating artists.

Creative Reviews

Psst. Don't tell anyone, but we do like to get new LEGO sets in front of our camera and share these exclusive reviews with you

Exploring fantasy worlds of untold stories and boundless creativity ...

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