Travel Part 2 – Back to Norway

I fell in love… with Norway.

There is no other word or expression I can use to describe how my Easter trip affected me. Not two weeks had passed that I decided to go back to Norway for the weekend of the First of May. I was looking for something to do in Finland, maybe in Lapland. But in the end, it seemed that I would rather drive a bit more to Norway.

The Map

This time the goal was to reach Tromsø, the biggest city above the Arctic Circle outside of Russia. The trip would also be different. I would not take my time on the road but rather go as fast as I can to Tromsø, where I had booked an Airbnb. That way I could spend two full days in Norway.

Master Yoda and Admiral Ackbar back in the land of the fjords

Photography-wise, there wasn’t much more planning. I just packed in my car the same toys I had taken for the first trip, and then see on location which figures would inspire me. No pressure about which photos to take, just relax and enjoy the place.

Road trip on Senja

I spent the first day driving around the island of Senja, stopping as often as I liked to simply enjoy the place. I ended up with a spot where the sun would set into the sea, maximizing the time I could spend taking pictures of my minifigures before the sun was gone.

Aria bathing in the golden sunlight

On the second day, I went to the island of Kvaløya near Tromsø. My goal was to find a mountain without too much snow left, so I could climb it, at least a few dozen meters, and take a few more pictures with Aria and expand her little story.

Enjoying cookies in the mountains…
… And the behind the scenes

Traveling to Norway is far from over for me…
Stay tuned this summer for more adventures in the Arctic!

But first … Numbers!

One Number To Unite Them

When I started thinking about numbers related to our favourite plastic toys the magical SEVEN instantly appeared in front of me. Like in The Magnificent SEVEN, Snow White And The SEVEN Dwarfs  or SEVEN Deadly Sins. Just…well…a little more out-of-this-world kind of…

Back in 1978 Red and White were the first two spacemen to enter our galaxy. Yellow, Blue, and Black arrived with the same spacesuit. Much more were to follow but as time went by so did fashion. Spacesuits became more colorful, helmet´s shapes and visors changed and spaceships evolved. We had to wait until the year 2014 to see Green in a classic spacesuit again and another three years until with the latest series of collectible minifigures  Grey completed the group of the SEVEN Classic Spacemen. Continue reading “One Number To Unite Them”


The 5th month of the year (read May) is halfway and we have not introduced our next word in this series of twelve. One could argue that it is all about priorities, and indeed we are juggling with a lot of different ones at the same time. Researching the upcoming RLFM days later this month (only 13 nights to go), getting a non plastic photoshoot finished (yes, some of us shoot other things as just plastic) and off course the day to day priorities of work and live balance we all have outside of our passion for plastic. There are only twenty four hours in a day, and seven of those in a week. And I did not shoot any plastic in the last fortnight. Continue reading “Numbers”

Excuse me but…

Today I´ve got two topics that I´d like to share with you. The first is a quick update:

At the end of May parts of the StuckInPlastic team will be attending the Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days at TheLegoGroup (TLG) in their hometown in Billund, Denmark. It is a unique occasion to meet some of the designers of sets that are so dear to us (and hopefully to sneak a peek inside the Lego factory or the new LegoHouse that will be open to public from September on). When Boris went there last year he asked the community “What would you ask?”. Continue reading “Excuse me but…”

To The Lofoten Islands and Back Again

Could the last month’s word be the best of the year? Maybe Boris still has a few good surprises left… Anyway I’ve been excited as soon as I learned it would be “travel”. Travel is what have motivated me most for the past few years. I started taking photos while traveling, and before focusing on toys, I was mostly interested in travel photography. Today I would most likely describe myself as a travel toy photographer: the feeling of travel and adventure has become what I strive to share visually with my photos. Continue reading “To The Lofoten Islands and Back Again”

A Physical Exercise- For the Brain

When I first read Boris´ post Travel I was totally infected with the idea of his little exercise! I may not be a frequent traveler in terms of flying to Japan or road-tripping to the polar circle for the weekend. But having been introduced to that quote generator was great fun and I could easily think of packing some Lego and gear, hopping in my car and leaving my neighborhood for a mystery photo session out in the wild. Continue reading “A Physical Exercise- For the Brain”


Remember our word of March?
Don’t worry if you forgot.
It was Projects.
Projects tend to have a deadline, and I talked about that one as well, especially since I missed that deadline. Now deadlines are nothing more as a line in the sand, a date to work to. Critical. But not the most important. What is even more important for a project is the actual deliverable.
The finished product.
The creative outcome.
The final image. Continue reading “Remember”

Surf’s up, brah!

Right off, I should mention that I am probably biased in my fondness of this little Surfer. I am a product of two Californias (The US State and Baja California in Mexico). I have spent a great deal of my life at the beach and in the surf. In secondary school, lunch was a short walk to the sand; my high school had surfing for Phys Ed; I currently spend most of my free time shooting surfers or waves and I don’t have any of the other surfer minifigures, so I am seeing him with fresh eyes.

Sloppy printing issues included 🙂

Continue reading “Surf’s up, brah!”