Week 16: Flexibility


Welcome to a quick roundup of week 16 in our #SiPgoes52 challenge of 52 words.

This week’s word is Flexibility and I’ll share with you some thoughts and own experience with this one.

As with some of the earlier words, there are different meanings about flexibility.


Some of you took a look at the purely physical side of it. (Which reminds me that I should get back to attending yoga classes)



But looking closer, there are also entries telling about the flexibility that is necessary every single day. The one that is often taken for granted in our hectic, busy and global times:

At work.

With the family.

With public offices.

With business partners.

The list could surely continue for a while.

Here’s to you

I’d like to give my respect to all the people who fulfill this act of balance every single day:

You are everyday heroes!

But I’d also like to tell you all: Sometimes you’re stretching far too far for too long. Maybe between your work and your family. Or between your parents and your partner. Or between some colleagues who don’t get along too well.

Then there might come a point when you feel like raising a single hand is too much for you, not even speaking of stretching. You feel withdrawn in a corner and can’t get out. Please take good care of yourself. Let others know about your personal limits. Because recovering after having gone too far might take much, much longer than you can imagine.

Better not stretch too far for too long or you might find yourself withdrawn in a corner.


And to all of those who feel they have already gone too far:

Reach out and tell someone about it. You are not alone. There’s always someone there who cares.


Last but not least…

Thanks for reading this far and have a great day wherever or whenever you’re reading this. Rest assured that we’re super happy and super excited about every single entry for our little challenge! Have you already got an idea for next week and Integrity? Looking forward to it.


P.s.: Have you attended our party and entered our other little competition? It´s not too late but better hurry! The prize is definitely worth it…

It is PARTY time

Party time.
We have a birthday to celebrate, and a special one for that matter.
40 years of the LEGO Minifigure as we know it, and we feel fine.
Party time.

So, what is this all about?

The LEGO Group (TLG) has asked us to throw a little party with all of you together and get creative and celebrate the awesome birthday of the LEGO Minifigure by getting our gear out and capture that awesome celebration any way you want and share it on our favorite social media of choice, Instagram.


And we have a fantastic super price to give away (special thanks to TLG) and some smaller runner up prices for playing along.

The Rules

The theme is all about “It’s PARTY time”
Original content created by you, for this celebration.
Only new work submissions after April 15th.
LEGO only, and the main subject needs to be the LEGO Minifigure.
But it does not need to be one of the original CMF Series 18. Using the original 40-year-old policeman will get you some extra brownie points with one jury member for sure.
You may upload as many images as you want, but remember, quality gets you a lot of brownie points too, and quantity is not giving bonus points.
We like quality over quantity but there is no hard limit as such.
Every image needs to be tagged to @stuckinplastic #sipgoes18 and #series18 in the original message of the body (so not the comments) in order to qualify for the SiP Party.

By tagging and participating into this party (and yep, contest) you agree that your images can be used by The LEGO Group and Stuck In Plastic for celebrating the birthday of the LEGO minifigure while we will of course credit the original creator.

The party runs from April 16th until May 21st.
The SiP Jury will nominate the winner in alignment with TLG and the jury decision is final.
The LEGO Group will provide the first price directly to the winner.
SiP will handle the runner-up nominations depending on how many stretch goals or perks you all managed to unlock.

The First Price

1 box (60 bags) of 71021 LEGO Minifigures Series 18, a $200 USD shopping spree on LEGO.com and an exclusive Series 18 poster signed by the LEGO Minifigures designer. WooT!

The Runner-Up Perks.

We will run this as an ongoing unlock challenge based on all the quality entries you will be submitting, so this one is there to not wait until the last minute, but prices will be given at the end.

To unlock the first perk or stretch goal we need at least twenty individual partygoers to the party. Once we reached this first goal, we throw in a full series of  16 Minifig Series 18 (without the policeman), for the next finalist when we wrap up the party.

We have a few more stretch goals or funny perks in mind, with equally fun prices, but one step at the time.
So let’s get some fun on the dance floor first …

Let’s get the party started …

Any questions, just ask below in the comments or on IG.

Let the Party begin.


Life Happens

Time flies when you are having fun, the saying goes.
And for sure, fun it is.
Hectic times as well.
Lots of creative preparation going on here at SiP behind the scene.
And with all that creative energy, one easily forgets to update the blog or if you are like me, are even guilty of missing a few words in our SiP goes 52 challenge. Life happens, they say. Continue reading “Life Happens”

Week 13: Passion

Passion can be found in various fields and situations.                                                  Go to a concert, a classical one with a huge orchestra or a rock gig: if the musicians are passionate about their work you will be able to feel it.

Whenever a  cook celebrates his craftsmanship to a certain level you will taste it.

And you don´t have to study arts to understand what drove a painter to create a masterpiece that really touches your heart.

Passion and Toyphotography


To me, Passion is and has always been not only an emotion but also a very special energy. A quick look at Wikipedia confirms that impression.

When asking fellow photographers why they photograph toys, so far most replied with “For the fun of it”.

But what got you started in the first place?

Continue reading “Week 13: Passion”

Happy Easter

Some of us already celebrated Easter Eve yesterday with chocolate and bonfires. Others are waking up to Easter eggs and continue to celebrate today.  And for some of us it may be just a normal Sunday.
Well, wait. Not just any Sunday.
It is April’s Fool Sunday.
And the Sunday that the brand new Collectible Minifigure Series Eighteen is being released around the globe. Not an elaborate April Fools Joke of TLG (we hope) but the 18th series celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Minifigure with one big party. Continue reading “Happy Easter”

Partying in the North – A Review of the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 18

A New Series

A year ago, we tried something new here on the blog: a collaborative review of the Collectible Minifigures Series 17. Back then, I chose to review the Butterfly Girl. I decided to name her Aria, and since then I’ve continued to photograph her.

A year later, after a second LEGO Batman Movie and a Ninjago Movie series, here we are again with a new CMF Series soon to be released. This time, I took on the task of reviewing the (almost) full Series that Boris sent me two weeks ago. Continue reading “Partying in the North – A Review of the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 18”



Friends is an American television sitcom, created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which aired on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004, lasting ten seasons. With an ensemble cast starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, the show revolves around six 20–30-something friends living in Manhattan. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest TV shows of all time, and it was one of the first things that jumped to my mind when I saw this weeks word.

And so the TV series is not what we are talking about.
We are talking about the social concept, known as friendship.
Our word of the week. Continue reading “Friends”

21314 LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy

[Music] Daft Punk music [/Music]

In a digital world dominated by the color black, only enlightened with touches of neon blue or neon orange, everyone is a program.

This could summarize the universe where TRON: Legacy, movie released in 2010 (sequel to TRON movie from 1982), takes place.

Later this month, LEGO will release a new set based on this license.

The LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy box
The LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy box

Continue reading “21314 LEGO Ideas TRON: Legacy”

Best Friends Forever

Friendship is one of the 5 words I selected in December before we embark on this journey. Not only Friendship is important to me, but it is also a recurring theme throughout my toy photography. Since I started to discover my own vision, Friends have been sticking around. This week I wanted to determine which of my toys were the best BFF, Best Friends Forever. Continue reading “Best Friends Forever”

Thank You, Floating Bricks.

It is a wrap.

Floating Bricks 2018 closed its doors and we are truly honoured to have been part of this magical adventure.  2 days really on the docks of the Hamburg Harbour, together with ten thousand (yep, 10K) visitors enjoying Floating Bricks and a lot of square meters of awesome plastic-ness.

I am sitting here in my hotel room in Hamburg, tired but oooh so happy to have seen hundreds (or should I say thousands) of kids and adults alike, looking at our images and sharing laughters and joy when they discovered something in our images and shared it with both friends and parents. Continue reading “Thank You, Floating Bricks.”