Toy Photography and Fun

At first, fun seemed one of the easiest words of our little project. For me, fun is the main reason why I started both photography and toy photography. Some four years ago, I was looking for a new creative hobby. I ended up buying a camera, and after, I eventually went into the attic looking for my old LEGO collection. It’s been fun since the beginning and only keeps on getting more fun over time.

But because this word is so important to me, coming up with a single photo that best represents it appeared to be more difficult than I thought…

Choosing a single picture

At the moment I’m mostly relying on my pool of existing photos for #SiPgoes52. Although I will soon need to take new pictures, I try to limit myself to unpublished but existing photos as much as possible.

For this week’s word, there was no need for a new picture. There are actually too many photos from which to choose. So to make the choice easier, I asked myself what is the toy that was the most fun to photograph?


Woody is fun. Very fun. Playing with someone else’s Woody can be dangerous as you might end up buying one. True Story.

Woody likes having fun… Maybe a little bit too much?

Unfortunately, I’m out of unpublished Woody photos. Moreover, the only constraint I put on myself was to only use LEGO toys as a subject. So I guess I will have to pass on this one.

The LEGO Elves Dragons

They’ve been my focus of last summer. I took a lot of photos of them and made a review. I still have plenty of unpublished photos waiting to be used, but it seems to me that the photos of that both best fit the word “fun” and that I prefer were already published. Still, I wonder, could the Blue Dragon be the perfect choice?

Having fun with Lizzi‘s skeleton.


T-Rap is also incredibly fun. Like for the Dragons, I have some unpublished photos but they’re not necessarily the most fun. Moreover, he was already the star of a recent blog post and maybe I should feature another toy?

T-Rap having fun with Boris’ Spooky Girl

The Final Choice

But even after reducing the candidates to three figures, I’m still unable to make choice. So I decided instead to ask around who is indeed the most fun, and who should I feature on social media with the hashtag #sip_fun on Sunday. If you think that T-Rap, one of the Elves Dragons or Woody deserve a “most fun award” more than the others, don’t hesitate to tell us, either here in a comment or on social media.

SiP goes Le6Brick

I started this year looking back at the past and I talked about future projects for the beginning of the year.
It is now time to tell you more about one of this project.


During three weeks, the collective Stuck in Plastic will have pictures on display near Paris during an exhibition called “Le6Brick”.

This is a extract from the exhibition website:

From February 8th through February 25th 2018, the 6b will be hosting the First International Contemporary Art Exhibition related to the use of LEGO bricks.
The exhibition will feature internationally acclaimed artists, who all use the same medium as a basis for their work and for further research.
The show will also allow for the artists coming together in the same locale – le 6b- to work within a space which focuses specifically on sharing, creative endeavor and networking, or what amounts to the spreading of others’ arts and information.
The participation in the exhibit of active residents and interns of the 6b Community Organization, as sponsors and artists, is also in keeping with the members’ grassroots beliefs. The exhibition and its organization allow for the members of the 6b to expand their own networks and creative processes,  and to work, via the LEGO medium, alongside other new artists.

Poster of the exhibition
Poster of the exhibition

This is a collective exhibition and we (read Boris, Maelick, Stefan and myself) will be surrounded by talented artists using LEGO bricks in different ways to express themselves (photography, sculptures, movies, jewelry, mosaics,…).

SiP goes Le6Brick

For this exhibition, we decided to go back to 2017.
Remember the twelve words that we talked about last year? Reflections, Inspiration, story,…

We decided to select twelve pictures to illustrate the twelve words.
We won’t reveal the actual pictures that we selected but it was not an easy choice. 

During the exhibition, the pictures on display will be up for sale if you are interested in getting some SiP art on your wall.

When, where and what

The exhibition will take place at “Le 6b” (6-10 quai de Seine / 93200 Saint-Denis / France) from February 8th to the 25th with different activities open to the public during the weeks and weekends.

Here is the actual agenda:

  • Thursday, February 8th: Grand opening.
    LEGO Food Design, artists’ presentations, online sales of goodies.
  • Saturday, February 10th and Sunday, February 11th: Exhibition opened to the public.
  • From February 12th to 16th: LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop, Personal Development and Team Building.
  • Wednesday, February 14th: Special Valentine’s Day, Stop Motion Workshop and artisanal creation of LEGO Jewelry.
  • Saturday, February 17th: The 6BRICK movies.
  • Sunday, February 18th: LEGO and street art.
    Animations / Workshops.
  • From February 19th to 23rd: Exhibition opened to libraries and leisure centers with workshops led by 6b artists.
  • Saturday, February 24th and Sunday, February 25th: Closing with LUG exhibition.

The grand opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, February 8th. Boris and myself will be in attendance.

Stuck In Plastic will also organize a small toy safari on Saturday (10/06) afternoon. Everyone is more than welcome to tag along.
And if you can’t come, we will share the event online using the tag #SiPgoesLe6Brick.

We hope to see some of you at Le6brick.

Julien / Ballou34 and the Stuck in Plastic crew

Week 2: Confidence

Seriously? We’re already two weeks into 2018?? Awesome!

Awesome because it means that we’ve already arrived in our #SiPgoes52 challenge. The one where there’s a new word for everyone to explore every single week. All in all 52 words that you may think about. And last but not least: 52 words for you to visualize with your camera.

Continue reading “Week 2: Confidence”



Like Julien, the first thing that came to my mind when thinking about this week’s word is self-confidence. The truth is, I lack confidence. For almost everything’s I’ve done, both in my private or professional life, I’ve always underestimated my abilities to succeed. But looking back a few years ago, I’ve improved. And it’s in part due to toy photography.


A few days ago, I came back from Belgium, where I’ve spent the past three weeks visiting family and friends. Photographically, not much happened lately: I deserted social media and took very few photos. The only time I used my camera in Belgium, was when I did some tourism in Brussels.

An Englishman in Brussels

And with me, a few plastic friends to pose in front of the Atomium and on the Grand-Place. Among them Lester, which Boris kindly offered us. Although I’ve never had a strong desire to own this exclusive minifigure, holding it in my hands made me want to use it for photographic purposes. (And yes this is related to my previous post about creativity and play.)

What struck me with Lester, is how confident he is. In a walking pose, with his lovely large smile and awesome umbrella, he looks like someone who doesn’t fear anything that can happen to him. Like someone in control of his life.

Lester feels confident around the beautiful Grand-Place of Brussels.

When Boris asked us to chose five words from the 52, I made two selections. One selection of the words that I better connect with. A second one of the qualities I wish I had fully mastered and try to strive for. Confidence is part of the second list.

Let me tell you something… in confidence

I am looking at a blank page with the word “Confidence” written in capital letters in a corner. And nothing comes to mind.

That was me a few days ago starting to think about this week’s picture: “confidence”.
Creativity”  seemed easier to me and with the rules I set myself for this project (more on that later in another blog post), I had difficulties to find a proper idea.
Looking at the whole list, I know that I will get this blank feeling again in the next weeks.

So, I looked at myself, at my past, my feelings and the first idea arrived.

Confidence as in self-confidence

[kon-fi-duh ns]
Belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance

Self-confidence has always been something I struggled with.

Strangely enough, I don’t mind speaking in front of an audience (whatever the size, and I spoke in front of hundreds of people). Whether it is to speak about my work during a conference or as an actor during a play, when I am on stage, in the spotlight, I am not really me. I play another version of myself: a character who looks like me and has my knowledge but he is full of confidence because he does not want to disappoint his work or his fellow actors.
In those cases, I know what to do or what to say (and I feel like a fish in water improvising on stage) and confidence is my friend.

Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.Click To Tweet

It’s more in my daily life, when I am myself, that I lack this “safety blanket” and I don’t feel confident enough to share my thoughts and feeling. That’s when I freeze and shut down.

So, the first picture that I had in mind was to have a stormtrooper about to speak in front of a large audience, frozen with fear and looking for some self-confidence.

And for this one, I tried different things. I started with an overhead view of the stormtrooper facing the crowd, but I thought the story could not be understood easily.

Confidence 1.0
Confidence 1.0

So, I lowered the point of view of my camera and had the stormtrooper face me with the big crowd in the background. I find this second one much better.

Confidence 1.1
Confidence 1.1

But confidence has several meanings.
After this first idea, I was confident enough with this word. So I decided to also explore another meaning of the word.

Confidence is also a secret

[kon-fi-duh ns]
a secret that is confided or imparted trustfully

As I told you, I have trouble sharing my feelings with others.
But sometimes, you need a lot of self-confidence, to really tell people what you think, either openly or in confidence. And that is the subject of my second picture: a stormtrooper confiding his own feelings to a friend.

Confidence 2.0
Confidence 2.0
The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.Click To Tweet

The more I think about this 52-word challenge, the more interesting I find it.
It will be a way for me to reflect upon myself.

Maybe with this project, I’ve found a way to express myself to the world, in confidence.

Julien / Ballou34

Week 1: Creativity

Week One of the new year is coming to an end.
For some of us, the working life is about to start again tomorrow, while others (like yours truly) have enjoyed their first weekend of the year. We started this year with a completely new challenge. A challenge we explained in detail in the last week (52) of last year in this post.

52 weeks. 52 words.

We are embarking on a year-long exploration of 52 words.
52 values and emotions and everyone can join at their own pace.
You can pick up one word a month, you can follow us on our rhythm and explore a word a week or you can just cheer along.

The 52 words of 2018 – here is a PDF version if you want to play along.

And when we shared the challenge earlier last year, we knew the four of us were committed to exploring this. We liked last years challenge. We talked about the new one extensively in our chat and hangout sessions. Yet we had no clue if you would be interested in this.
A leap of faith.
An open invitation.
Another acoustic invitation to play.

And what a response we got. Old and new friends alike joined the challenge, and I am sure you will inspire others to join in this exploration of words with us.

Your Week One.

In our first week (at the time of writing, somewhere on a sunny afternoon in Sweden), we got 27 entries from creative people all over the world posted on our IG platform of choice.

If you don’t follow each other on IG yet, now may be a good time to connect. This is not some kind of “like for like” or “follow me” scheme, but the values we will be exploring are all human values. They are what makes us this species that walks on this planet while taking pictures of toys.  Sharing our values, our stories, across the globe. Connect and interact. Engage and explore each other’s creativity.

And in a mixed order only IG can explain, here goes:


And there are others that will join us for sure in the journey. Like Karine asked, you don’t need to shoot LEGO. Any toys, even wooden ones (sorry, silly joke) are more than welcome to join the SIPgoes52 challenge.
And some will come later today or early next week, like Sacha1982.
And that is OK.
There is no pressure.
No need to post.
Everyone’s own (acoustic) rhythm.

My first week.

So, what did creativity mean for me in my images this first week? Continue reading “Week 1: Creativity”

Creativity and Play


I’ve decided to use our first word of 2018 as a way to reflect on the past year. Specifically, I’ve asked myself what did I create last year? And how did it happen? I’ve found out the answer to creativity is often play.

Browsing through my Lightroom catalog, one character stands out of the others: T-Rap. Half Tyrannosaur, half Velociraptor, it’s a simple mix of two LEGO dinosaurs.

Although I can hardly pretend having invented anything truly original, it’s the only character I use in my photography that is not an “official” character from a LEGO set. So instead of making a new image like Stefan and Julien did, I decided to re-use the very first photo of T-Rap. (Or Frankensteinosaurus as it was first named back then.)

The Terror of London

But what made me create this weird looking dinosaur? Continue reading “Creativity and Play”


To tell you the truth, it was difficult to write this blog post.
It was a struggle for me to select a word for the 12th month of the year.

Should it be 'conclusion', 'ending', 'finality'? Click To Tweet

I like order and for me, every story has a beginning, a middle/development and an ending.
I don’t like endings. It means that everything stops afterwards and I hate that.
When I read a book that I enjoy, I always take a break before reading the last chapter. I don’t like endings.
So, the more I was writing this blog post, the more depressing it was getting.

Then, it hit me during New Year’s Eve.
The end of the year is not about ending things. It’s about new beginning(s). Continue reading “Beginning(s)”

Happy and Creative New Year

Twenty Seventeen is dancing away. And Twenty Eighteen is tiptoeing in across the globe. A ballet of sounds, fireworks, and celebrations around the globe. We hope you have all enjoyed the last eve of the old year and are ready for a creative journey in the new one with us.

52 Words

As we mentioned last week, we have a full packed year of creativity ahead of us.  52 words we will be exploring. Fifty-two values and emotions. And our random generator kicked Creativity as the first word of 2018. Continue reading “Happy and Creative New Year”