Congratulations, HispaBrick Magazine

Another Celebration

The Brick and the Minifigures are not the only ones who have a reason to celebrate an anniversary this year.

Yesterday saw the latest issue of the HispaBrick Magazine (a digital magazine for all fans of LEGO. It is available in Spanish and English). The magical number of this issue is 30. That means it is absolutely the right time for us to raise our coffee mugs and say:

Happy 10th anniversary to the entire team behind the                              HispaBrick Magazine!

Happy anniversary!

Indeed, for ten years they have brought the AFOLs community news and insights into most everything around our favorite bricks. And best of all…

You can download your very own copy for free here!

Cover of the anniversary issue HBM30

We know that we should give them presents. But instead, they’re giving away a present to one of you. Head on over to their Facebook page to find out about how to get your hands on a very exclusive set. (Yup, the one from their latest cover.)

There is even a toy photographer in this one! Everything is awesome…

We’re wishing you best of luck for winning and to our friends some great festivities. Hopefully, we will still find some party cake next week when in Billund for the RFLM days…

One Last Word

If you wonder who are the winners of the #SiPgoes18 contest… stay tuned for more celebration…



A message in the morning.

As some of you may have noted in the last few days our little website was having a (few) bad hair day(s). I was blissfully unaware of the havoc that was going on until I woke up on Saturday morning with a message from Stefan asking if I also had some dreaded 503 service disconnections the last few days. Continue reading “Ray”

Thanks to the LEGO brick

This week, on #SiPgoes52, we are celebrating “Leg Godt”, the famous Danish expression at the core of the biggest toy brand.
You guessed it, I am talking about LEGO.

And I thought it was appropriate to take the time to acknowledge this little brick and thank it for everything it did for me in my life.

Leg Godt

My LEGO beginnings

The first LEGO brick arrived in my life at a very young age, when my parents bought me my first set. I don’t remember what it was but I remember playing with the LEGO Duplo firemen. Then later, with the “System” brick that we all know.

I remember those countless hours, going through boxes looking for the right part for my next construction. Continue reading “Thanks to the LEGO brick”

Gold Leader or A Long Time Ago…

The story so far

A long time ago there was a young boy whose friends at school had told him about a galaxy far, far away. The little boy told his father about that galaxy, too. So one day they went to the movies to find out all about it. The boy and his father both enjoyed the film as well as the galaxy. The father didn’t have too much time to dive into this new universe as he had to work a lot. But the boy sure did. And soon the characters, stories, heroes, and villains were a big part of his life.

The young son in his own far away galaxy

Continue reading “Gold Leader or A Long Time Ago…”

SiP goes BrickHeadz

BrickHeadz at the RLFM 2017 days

Last year during the RLFM days, we had the pleasure of meeting and discussing with the ones and only BrickHeadz designers, Marcos Bessa and Austin Carlson.
(We even gave them a challenge we still have to blog about.
We are slow cooking here.)
When we met at the little elevator room somewhere in an undisclosed location in Billund these two awesome dudes told us about the past, the present and the future.

Curious what Marcos and Austin are both playing with?

They told us that the BrickHeadz started with a cute little elephant they made for a colleague. Continue reading “SiP goes BrickHeadz”

The art of knolling

There are several types of LEGO builders.

Personally, when I buy a LEGO set, I follow the instructions. I open the bags in order and I make small piles with each bag. Then, I use my eyes and my memory to locate parts in piles on my table or on the floor.

Some AFOLs may not consider the instructions as relevant and prefer building their own creations.

I have seen people organize their parts by grouping them by colors before building. That helps them look for parts.

And recently, I saw something amazing. Something beautiful.
I knew it existed because I saw pictures online. But to see it with my own eyes and to see it in the making was something mesmerizing. Continue reading “The art of knolling”