SiP goes Korea

The journey.

One sunny morning this summer we woke up to a surprising email.

Want to have an exhibition in Daejeon, South Korea? 
Hope to hear from you soon, Suné.

Our initial reaction was one of surprise and wonder. We just finished a series of exhibitions and travels on the European continent, and while we were not sure where this adventure would lead us, we followed Alice into Wonderland and replied. Sure. Let’s talk.

And here we are.
Four months later.
We handpicked the 22 prints and dedicated them to #SiPgoesKorea.
We worked with Suné to donate them to a good cause at the end of the exhibition.
Make them count all the way.
Be part of our mission statement.

All 22 works are dedicated to#SiPgoesKorea, and some have an extra little tag. This is the backside of number 11.

We packed them with love and lots of acid-free paper, bubble wrap and tape. We took them to our local delivery center, and after a good 18 hours in the air, we got the confirmation from Sunè they arrived at their final destination.

Getting ready to leave Arlanda, Sweden with our private carrier. The big package on the desk is ours …
An 18 hour trip. Special thanks for Google Maps to give a birds eye view.
And Sunè shared the package at the final destination.

And now we can’t wait to see the live feed and the images from the opening party next week Saturday.

Unfortunately, we cannot join in real life. Work and other challenges kept us grounded in Europe, but the whole crew will be there in spirit with our toy photography curator, Suné, and who knows, we may pop up on a digital feed as well.
We are after all living in a digital age, where everything is possible.

Art and Art.

Art and Art by day (photo credit Sunè Horn)

Art and Art is a small art gallery in Daejeon. South Korea’s fifth-largest metropolis with a population of over 1.5 million. Located in the central region of South Korea, Daejeon serves as a hub of toy photography and is at the crossroads of creatives routes throughout Korea with Art and Art tapping into these vines of creativity. The capital Seoul is only 50 minutes away by KTX high-speed train, which makes the toy photography exhibition in this tranquil gallery an ideal excursion for anyone living or visiting the Korean Peninsula and wanting to take a break from busy life.

The works

We will be exhibiting a handpicked collection of 22 toy photography works by our creative collective members Maëlick, Julien, Karine, Stefan and Boris.

And by night (photo credit – Sunè Horn)

The works will be shown in the Art and Art gallery from Friday the 16th of November until Thursday 22nd. The opening party is on Saturday, from 16:00 local time on.
After this the 22 signed and numbered photographs will be donated to a child charity in Daejeon to further serve as a creative message of friendship and inspiration around the globe. But first, they will be shown at Art and Art.
And we are stoked. 

See you all on Saturday morning.
In Korea.
Or on the Hangout on Air.
The SiP Crew.

The boys are back in town

The guys from HispaBrick did it again. They are back with another amazing issue of HispaBrick Magazine. This time they call it number 31.

31 – The number

In number 31 you can see how AFOLs enjoy events in different countries like Japan, (Japan BrickFest), Chile (Brickfest Chile) or Denmark (LEGO® World Copenhagen).

From Japan to Paris

The HispaBrick Boys and Girls visit LEGOLAND Japan and have Masao Hidaka showing us how you can build a monorail with current LEGO pieces.  The one and only Julien Ballester form Stuck In Plastic (yep, yep, that is us) tells you all about Stuck in Plastic’s annual toy photography safari, this time in the city of París.

And if you want to see what Julien has to tell, then go download your copy right now.

Designers and Trophy Winners alike

There is more. The HispaBrick gang talk to Jamie Berard, design manager specialist for Creator Expert and LEGO Architecture and Quinten, winner of the 2018 LEGO Ideas Trophy Design Contest to just name a few.

Minidolls andLEGO Wildlife

And we are sure that Maëlick will be interested in KOCKICE Corner where we find another installment of the Minidolls vs Minifigures comparison and an article about the different animals LEGO has produced.

The Cover Art (yes we are proud)

Now, before you head over to the download page (available straight from this article) we are very proud of being on the cover magazine of HispaBrick. The cover art is truly a collaboration of creatives and represents in so many ways the fun we have. The location scout of this image was no-one else as Julien. The man behind the lens and creative madness of traveling with T-Rex in his pocket, Maëlick. Fill light provided by Stefan. Key lights by Karine. And Boris Crash Test Dummy nicely “crashed” the shoot while a dozen other creative toy photographers where hanging around, giving advice or taking their own images just outside the viewfinder. 

Image credits – The Creative Collective of Toy Photographers Stuck In Plastic

You can download HispaBrick Magazine straight from the HispaBrick downloads page:

And once you are done reading the magazine, go and enjoy the awesome new website of HispaBrick

The Story behind Aria, T-Rap and the Cookie

We’ve already talked in the past about the first test shot and the struggle when it comes to recreating it. This is something I’ve experienced with this week’s SiPgoes52 word: trust.

Last year, at the beginning of the winter, and not long before we started planning SiPgoes52, I took a photo of Aria befriending T-Rap. When we kicked off our little project for 2018, I started going over all my photos from last year. I was hoping to find photos I had already taken that would fit one of our 52 human values and emotions.

Continue reading “The Story behind Aria, T-Rap and the Cookie”


A mysterious telephone call

During the summer we got a mysterious call from an undisclosed number on a faraway island, asking us if we would be interested in collaborating on a top secret project. We had to keep it a secret, but we said yes. Of course! We love top secret projects, especially when they involve our favorite kind of plastic, some serious creative challenge and a good portion of photographic fun.

Continue reading “Voltron”

Meet Stefan

After last week #FeatureFriday around ginger tea, this week we’re back to coffee with our good friend and returner Stefan from Malmö.

About Stefan

My name is Stefan (@fubiken on Instagram ) and I am from Malmö, Sweden. I am a 47-year-old man, I don’t have photography as a job but as a hobby. What I mostly photograph is nature, macro, and toys of course. I have been taking photos for a long time, but it is in the last six or seven years that I have been taking it more seriously than before. Continue reading “Meet Stefan”

It’s that time of the year…

Soon it will be winter…

For some, it means staying cozy at home, waiting for spring and summer. For others, it means going out to take pictures because winter is the time of the year where the light is at its best.

Guess who’s waiting to rule Winter?

But it also means that soon it will be Christmas and the winter holidays. Time for many of us to be with their friends and families. And for us, it’s also a tradition to reflect on the past year and exchange some memories.

We used to exchange books. While they are valuable memories, a book exchange is also a big commitment. It requires time and energy. (And let us not forget it’s also an important financial commitment.)

So last year we came up with the idea of exchanging postcards instead. And we loved it…

So it’s time to start planning the 2018 postcard exchange.

My postcard from last year.

The 2018 Stuck in Plastic card exchange

To participate in our postcard exchange, the process is fairly similar to last year.

8 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up today.
  2. Create your own toy photography postcard.
  3. Order 24 postcards.
  4. Share with us who you will make very happy.
  5. Handwrite your 23 postcards.
  6. Sit back, relax and start receiving beautiful handwritten postcards from all over the world.
  7. Smile as you know that special one you selected is getting some beautiful cards in their mailbox as well.
  8. Wrap them all together with your own card in a small booklet and share them with your Xmas and New Year guests.

Are you ready?
Sign up now.
Final sign up date is November 25th. Continue reading “It’s that time of the year…”

Meet Jana

It’s Friday again and we’ve got another #SiPgoes52 Feature Friday. This week, it’s Jana Skálová who joins us for an interview around a virtual cup of ginger tea.

About Jana

I’m a software tester currently living in Brno, Czechia, where I hope to organize a toy safari one day. There are historical buildings, hills with nice views, forests, and an old quarry with ponds… Lots of different environments for toy photos. Sadly, I have to say that I never used any of them yet, because I’m so shy when taking toy photos in public. (I’m hoping that organizing a toy safari here would help to overcome that.) Continue reading “Meet Jana”

Meet David

This week we’re coming back with a #SiPgoes52 Feature Friday. This week, it’s David Grewcock who joins us for an interview around a virtual cup of coffee.

About David

I’m David and for as long as I can remember I’ve always had LEGO close to hand… which must be well over forty years now! I remember the time before LEGO minifigures – and desperately trying to get the sets that were released as part of a breakfast cereal campaign! More recently though, and probably through Instagram and other social media, I’ve expanded my toy collection to include many other styles and types – from the collectible Kidrobot to the Playmobil as well as the Hong Kong Fluffy House collections. If I can work out how I could place the character in the frame of an image (and it’s not too expensive) then it’s in the shopping cart! Continue reading “Meet David”